Ripple Effect Launches New Website to Advance Rural Business and Community Development Projects

The new Ripple Effect website offers a content-rich site experience which is more closely aligned with the program's strategic vision for growth.

Press Releases published February 12, 2016

West Des Moines, Iowa, January 13, 2016 – Ripple Effect, a partnership alliance between Iowa Network Services (INS) and Iowa Area Development Group (IADG), recently launched a new website, According to Sue Cosner, Vice President, Community Initiatives, IADG, the new website showcases many of the successes of the Ripple Effect program since its launch in 2007; and better educates visitors on the financial and technical assistance offered.

The new Ripple Effect website offers a clean, modern design, easy-to-navigate functionality, and a content-rich site experience which is more closely aligned with the program’s strategic vision for growth.

 “While many businesses, partners and communities have taken advantage of the resources provided by Ripple Effect, we realize not everyone is unaware of the many opportunities for assistance that are available,” said Sue Cosner. “The new website better engages visitors by providing relevant information about the successes of the program, availability of financial and technology assistance, and how to initiate activities and move them through the process.”

 A ‘News’ section on home page displays the most recent community projects to be awarded a Ripple Effect grant. New navigation allows visitors to identify their preferred path based on category: business, partner or communities. Each category provides information on what resources and assistance are available, plus stories of success which are specific to that category. 

The goal of the newly developed website is to provide a useful, informative online tool for companies, partners and communities to help them identify the resources available to support their business and community development projects. Ultimately, should be the first point-of-contact for any business, partner or community in need of financial and technical assistance for their business and community-based planning initiatives.

About Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect program, a partnership alliance between INS and Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) is designed to advance the business and community development vitality of rural Iowa by joining local Independent Telecommunications Companies and partnering municipalities in their economic development initiatives. The program provides financial and technical assistance to business and industry and communities, through local telecommunication providers, to stimulate growth and development in rural Iowa. The program makes available low-interest loans to business applicants and planning grants to communities and their economic development partners for various types of community development projects. The Independent Telecommunications Companies are required to match the local financial assistance provided by Ripple Effect.

Other Ripple Effect services include financial packaging for development projects; research and education; awareness and training; business marketing and outreach; and development project facilitation including direct financial assistance through loans and grants from INS. For decades INS, through Iowa’s Independent Telecommunications Companies and IADG, on behalf of the Rural Electric Cooperatives, have provided leadership, vision and commitment to rural communities. For more information about this grant or the Ripple Effect program, contact Sue Cosner, Vice President, Community Initiatives, IADG; at or 515-777-7308. For more information, visit and

About Iowa Network Services and the INS Family of Companies

Iowa Network Services (INS) was founded as a “centralized equal access” company in the United States. Privately held by 122 Iowa Independent Telecommunications Companies, INS has had middle mile fiber optics in place since 1989. The INS Network delivers the latest in telecommunications services and continues to expand. Telephony, core network transport, Internet, dedicated fiber, Internet Protocol video, data center facilities, network management, technical support and call center services, information technology, and HR outsourcing are among the many products and services offered to communications companies and enterprise businesses. The INS Family of Companies includes Alliance Technologies, Inc., an information technology company; Alliance Connect, a statewide competitive local exchange carrier; Merit Resources, a Professional Employer Organization; and Caleris, an Iowa-based company offering outsourced call center solutions and services primarily to telecommunication and technology businesses. INS also is affiliated with iWireless, a statewide cellular partner with T-Mobile. For more information, visit

About Iowa Area Development Group

The Iowa Area Development Group is the marketing and business development office for nearly 250 of Iowa’s member-owned rural electric cooperatives, select municipal electric utilities and independent telecommunication companies. IADG has assisted with over 2,000 successful business expansions and start-up projects. This growth represents capital investment of more than $10 billion and 50,000 jobs for Iowa. The Iowa Area Development Group was established in 1985 to promote and strengthen rural Iowa development opportunities. Stay connected with IADG news at and Visit

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