Vicky McKim

VICKY L. MCKIM, MBCP, MBCI, Director of Risk Management & Business Resilience, Aureon

Vicky McKim is 1 of 125 professionals internationally to hold her level of certification.  She is a Certified Risk Management Professional, holds a Master Business Continuity Professional Certification and is an Associate Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute. Vicky has 30 years of experience in the field of risk management, business continuity, and disaster recovery, including BCM Program Director for two global organizations. Vicky has spoken and taught at national, regional, and local conferences for more than 15 years. Her experience provides her audience with a proven perspective on how to improve risk controls and continuity for their business operations, along with many practical examples of what the next steps may look like. Vicky’s stories and practical guidance empower those listening to take action to create more resilient environments for their workplace.


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