5 Core Components to Enhance Your Help Desk Experience

How should organizations be managing their help desk experience?

A help desk should do more than just provide support. It should provide a positive, overall experience for customers, employees, or any constituents seeking help, that will build their trust and keep them coming back time after time.

It should also show the customers who contact the help desk that the people behind the help desk care and work to provide a unique and positive experience for them.

How do you accomplish?

That’s what this white paper is all about. Click on the image below to read about the five core components that drive a great overall help desk experience.  

Bobbie Jo Barry

Bobbie Jo Barry has more than 19 years of contact center experience in multiple areas, including designing client facing solutions, managing day to day operations of two contact centers, leading workforce management and contact center managers to success, managing client relationships, and providing employees with a foundation for success. She has vast experience with omnichannel solutions and various business technologies, including design and implementation of CRM/ticketing systems and IVR applications. She has proven her ability to innovate and create successful tailored solutions for clients, as well as adapt to the client's changing needs.


July 20, 2018

Posted by

Bobbie Jo Barry


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