Are You Prepared For The New Battleground Of Customer Service?

There is little glory for customer service representatives; and for C-suite executives, those positions are seen as concentrations of cost – large red numbers hovering over the whole department. Even when customer experience is prioritized, the emphasis falls on “making the product intuitive” or “idiot-proofing.”

Slowly, companies are waking up to find a profound change has occurred in customer service requirements. Executives that can adjust their ships quickly will have a definitive competitive advantage. Last year, Gartner — the technology sector consulting firm — declared customer service “the new battleground”.i Regardless of whether you’d like to slash budgets or catapult sales, combating poor customer service reputations and fortifying good ones may be critical to your strategy.

Research is increasingly showing that customer service is linked with sales performance and the bottom line. While there are many statistics that illustrate this point, we’ll examine three in our free whitepaper. 

Bobbie Jo Barry

Bobbie Jo Barry has more than 19 years of contact center experience in multiple areas, including designing client facing solutions, managing day to day operations of two contact centers, leading workforce management and contact center managers to success, managing client relationships, and providing employees with a foundation for success. She has vast experience with omnichannel solutions and various business technologies, including design and implementation of CRM/ticketing systems and IVR applications. She has proven her ability to innovate and create successful tailored solutions for clients, as well as adapt to the client's changing needs.


August 8, 2018

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Bobbie Jo Barry


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