Managed IT Services Creates More Uptime, Productivity, and Savings

As a bank with multiple locations throughout Nebraska, Tri-County Bank (TCB) was faced with the daunting task of managing a wide range of IT needs. Their technology was growing faster than they had the capacity to manage, and the challenges seemed endless.

Managed IT Services

Ultimately, TCB decided to look at outsourcing their technology needs, instead of managing in-house.

Aureon came in and functioned as TCB’s IT department, handling all of their remote and on-site technology support needs. Aureon also provided many security-related benefits, such as system patching and firewall protection.

After partnering with Aureon, TCB has experienced many crucial benefits, including an increase in uptime and system availability.

“When we brought Aureon on board, our security was enhanced and backups were more reliable,” said Jon Schmaderer, President & CEO. “We’ve also had very little downtime, which allows us to make better use of our time and be more productive day to day.”

Aureon Managed IT Services

Rob Griffith

Rob Griffith is an Account Executive for Aureon, focusing his attention to the Aureon Technology business unit. Over the past 8 years Rob has worked exclusively with small to midsize businesses with an emphasis on the banking vertical. His focus has been helping companies with data center strategy, security and compliance.


March 6, 2018

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Rob Griffith


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