Simpler Is Better: HR and Technology Solutions Reduce Complexities

Accidents and injuries seem unavoidable, however, many can be prevented with better training or safety regulations.

The Iowa-Illinois Safety Council’s (IISC) purpose is to help organizations, industries, and people avoid accidents and injuries by providing safety information, seminars, and services.

Several years ago, IISC realized there were certain human resource (HR) and technology functions being handled in-house that were becoming too complex for them to manage.

IISC decided to partner with Aureon so they could work with a single provider to meet all their needs.

The benefit of working with Aureon has led to many improvements for IISC. Most importantly, it’s allowed them to focus on other aspects of their organization, such as special projects, programs, training, and growing their membership.

“If we were consumed by HR and technology issues every day, we wouldn’t have time to work on customer-focused initiatives, such as bringing in a new simulator for our trainings and demonstrations,” – Adam Lathrop, Executive Director, Iowa-Illinois Safety Council.

Outsource with Aureon to Avoid Disaster

Ben Killion

Ben Killion is an Account Executive at Aureon, where he is a relationship builder, strategic customer advocate, and results-oriented professional. Ben has been working in the technology industry for seven years, focusing on leveraging technology to help clients meet their business goals.


March 13, 2018

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Ben Killion


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