To access your benefit enrollment on the Employee Self Service portal, please click below: 

Once you receive the notice that your enrollment window is open you may login to begin your elections. If you have not received a notice and make changes, your changes will not be saved. 

Employee Self Service


Helpful Tips for Benefit Enrollment:

  • Google Chrome is the preferred browser.
  • Confirm that your computer is set to “Always Allow Pop-ups” from the Aureon HR Employee Self-Service. This will ensure you will able to see the pop-up window once you start your enrollment.
  • Once you have logged in, click “Myself,” then “OBBE” to access your benefit enrollment screen.

Having Trouble Logging in?

  • If you have not registered for Employee Self Service, click Register on the bottom right of the login screen. Then choose your username and password.
  • If you forgot your password, click Forgot Your Password on the bottom left of the login screen.
  • If you need assistance with resetting your password or with navigating the enrollment screens, please contact the Welcome Center using the information below:

HR Welcome Center Contact Information 




Aureon HR Welcome Center

Aureon HR Login: