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Find out what makes an opportunity with Aureon Consulting better than the rest

Articles published June 25, 2018 by Mike Rice

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When it comes to your career goals as a consultant, you know how important both security and stability are. Partnering with an organization that has strong, longstanding relationships with their clients can ensure that security and stability you’re looking for and help put you on the path to meeting your career objectives quicker than you could alone. 

With nearly two decades under our belt as a consulting company providing project and business management solutions, Aureon Consulting offers clients a full spectrum of business support solutions to meet their growing needs. We’ve built several longstanding partnerships with numerous businesses in multiple industries, enabling us to better place you in the opportunity that will keep you moving toward those objectives.

This is probably nothing new. Let’s be honest – you’ve probably heard all this before from other companies. What really matters to you is if there is truth behind all this talk. Proof in the pudding, so to speak. You want to know what makes an opportunity with Aureon Consulting better than the rest? 

Well, let us break a few things down for you.  

Aureon Consultant Benefits

Aureon consultant positions allow for flexible employment arrangements, including W-2 hourly, 1099 and Corp-to-Corp arrangements. Plus, W-2 consultants have access to many benefits – health, dental, and life insurance; 401(k); short and long-term disability plans; as well as training and development sessions. You’ll also benefit from regular networking opportunities and great access to the market.

Key Relationships

Our customers come to us looking for assistance throughout the entire lifecycle of their projects. We’re there all the way from strategy and planning, to successful execution and conclusion. These close relationships we’ve built with our loyal customer base has enabled us to employ consultants with wide-ranging skills including:

In addition to our customer relationships, partnering with Aureon gives you access to industry-leading consultants. These opportunities to develop relationships with seasoned consultants will drive you to greater heights. 

Benefits of Consulting

Consulting offers the opportunities to hone many useful skills that are helpful both personally and professionally. One of those skills in problem solving. Problem solving is an inherent part of consulting. When you work as an Aureon Consultant, businesses count on your expertise and fresh ideas to help them solve problems and become more efficient. 

Communication is another important part of being a consultant and a skill that you will strengthen in this capacity. As an outside consultant, it’s even more important to communicate with leadership and the internal business team about the work being done, changes being made, or any other potential business impacts that may result from your work. Great communication is a cornerstone for building trust as an Aureon consultant and can set the foundation for an ongoing professional relationship.

At Aureon, we pride ourselves on taking the time to match the needs of a project and company with the skills and qualities of our seasoned consultants. Because of this, we have established many long-term relationships with our clients.

Grow Your Consulting Career

Aureon Consulting’s history in the marketplace and reputation with businesses is unprecedented. It’s an instant leg up on the competition. In addition, Aureon is not only a company in the know but one that is on the grow. Our portfolio of services includes technology and contact center support in addition to consulting. As we continue to expand our business, your opportunities expand as well. 

Explore an opportunity with Aureon Consulting.

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