The Evolution of Aureon

Three decades of embracing change and diversification

Articles published October 3, 2018 by Mike Rice

Aureon’s story was founded to create a connected community as a managed service provider to companies throughout rural Iowa via effective and reliable connectivity. It all began about three decades ago when Iowa Network Services (INS) was established by 127 independent Iowa telephone companies. In the beginning, the sole purpose of INS was to offer “centralized equal access (CEA)” by providing customers with competitive choices for long-distance service brought about by the dismantling of the Bell System monopoly for local and long-distance service.

Today, we are faced with government regulation breaking apart the whole reason for our creation, Centralized Equal Access.


Ten years ago, the organization started to look at other types businesses they could get into knowing that just staying in pure telecommunications, while attractive, diversification has advantages to spreading out risk or being in one business and providing sources of income for others.

Since 2008, we’ve acquired 11 companies, divested minority interest in iWireless, a mobile network in partnership with T-Mobile and sold our well-established HR outsourcing business, Aureon HR, formally called Merit Resources. 

Diversification has proven to be an advantage for Aureon, minimizing risk and earning more sources of income from other businesses.  

Embrace Change 

We’ve experienced all of these changes over the last four years. How many of you have been impacted by government regulations? Management changes? Risk management? Acquisitions and/or divestitures? 

What we’ve been through would terrify most, but we EMBRACE change. 

Success breeds complacency. 

If your company isn’t doing something to prepare for the unknown, you ought to be.

Managing Through Change

Aureon Consulting manages through change providing the experience and expertise to look at challenges in a new way and turn things around. 

We work with teams through the entire life cycle of projects, from strategy and planning, to successful execution and conclusion delivering bottom-line results. We manage operational risk. Anytime you have change, the potential for risk accelerates. 

Aureon Consulting was founded to offer project consulting services, technical consulting services and IT staffing. As we expanded, we’ve included procurement services to provide a full spectrum of business solution offerings, plus the unparalleled expertise and resources that Aureon Consulting offers. 

Aureon’s Continued Evolution 

Aureon is constantly reinventing, evolving and pivoting to position ourselves for growth and to be at the forefront of change. 

The future is looking bright for Aureon, especially given that more than 30 years later, Aureon was able to aggregate various opportunities and alter several business services to stay relevant with the evolving market. Aureon’s success will be the result of employees who are fully engaged and follow the same core values that Aureon has believed in for three decades. Aureon looks forward to refocusing its efforts and investments on the Aureon businesses to benefit their clients, employees and shareholders.

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