Creating & Evolving the Customer Journey

An omnichannel platform offers the opportunity to improve customer service and enhance the customer journey.

Articles published April 17, 2019

The days of operating multiple systems to provide customer care are a thing of the past. With omnichannel platforms, you can streamline all the elements of the customer journey into one data hub, creating efficiencies for your team and increasing customer satisfaction no matter how or when a customer interacts with your brand.

The user journey starts with understanding the desired customer experience.

As an organization, when you first start thinking through the customer journey, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to offer everything your customer needs. You might start with some tried and true communication channels—email, social media, and voice—but these multi channel entry points will only be able to evolve from interacting with customers over time.

The customer will be looking for something different at each stage of the journey,  and you want to be available during all of it, providing the best support you can. All the actions a customer takes during their purchase journey inform how you can help them. Everything from posting a question on your social channels during the discovery phase to referencing FAQs during the purchase phase or speaking with a customer service representative post-purchase can provide valuable information, like how and when customers prefer to communicate. This is important information that can be used to enhance the customer experience.

Use an omnichannel platform to create a great customer journey.

How many platforms are you currently using to provide customer service to your clients? If it’s more than one, chances are you’re losing efficiency. When you’re running disparate systems, team members must be logged in to each system to provide optimal customer support. But imagine how simple it would be if all the information from chats, emails, support tickets, and phone calls were logged into one knowledge center. What if the customer could complete any transaction across their preferred channel, and could seamlessly pick that transaction right back up on a different channel if they changed their mind? That’s the beauty of an omnichannel platform.

An omnichannel platform provides the opportunity for seamless customer service and offers customers a choice in how to contact you. In turn, this allows you insight into customer preferences, which allows you to better serve customers through the use of tools like chat, AI, or interactive voice response. By capturing and storing information from these user actions you can better understand customer needs and identify pain points and areas for improvement.

With an omnichannel platform, by the time the customer gets to a call agent, the agent has visibility into that customer’s past transactions and how far they have progressed before speaking to the agent. This knowledge can lead to a quicker resolution for that customer. By not having to recount their steps and repeat their requests across platforms, you show customers that you respect their time. With this system in place, you can meet the customer where they are.

Evolve the user journey based on customer needs.

An omnichannel platform provides never-ending opportunities to learn about your customers’ needs. That means you can use the information provided to continually enhance and evolve the customer journey. Does a social platform need to be moderated? Does an FAQ on your website need to be updated? Is there a new system that you can put in place to provide greater transparency to the customer?

Each customer journey is different and as a customer care team, it’s your responsibility to make that experience as helpful and seamless as possible. Aureon Contact Center has the experience and technology to provide your business with the innovative solutions to evolve your customers’ journeys.

What are you doing to enhance your customer journey?