Provide a Consistent Customer Experience with a Multi-Channel Solution

How different customer support channels work together to provide the ideal customer experience.

Articles published April 17, 2019

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Do you offer many different types of channels for customers to reach your company? Better yet, do you know what channels your customers prefer to use to reach you? 

The way customers shop and communicate has evolved, and with it, their desired customer service experience. It’s essential for your organization to offer multiple channels and consumer touchpoints. That’s where a multi-channel support solution comes in.

What is Multi-Channel Support?

What does it mean to provide multi-channel support? Multi-channel support is the idea of providing your customers with the ability to connect with you via several communication methods, such as phone, live chat, email, social media, and others.

Many organizations do offer a variety of ways for customers to reach out for assistance, but even still they really don’t think about how those channels work together. First-class customer-focused organizations know that it is not just important to make multiple communication channels available to customers, but it is equally important to provide a consistent customer experience regardless of channel.

Understand the Customer Journey

To better understand your desired customer journey, tune into your communication channels to find out what your current customers desire and where there might be gaps in customer service. 

You’ll notice that customers are looking for something different at each stage of their journey — and you want to be available during all of it — providing consistent customer support along the way. 

All the actions a customer takes during their purchase journey inform how you can help them. Everything from posting a question on your social channels during the discovery phase to referencing FAQs during the purchase phase or speaking with a customer service representative post-purchase can provide valuable information, like how and when customers prefer to communicate. Looking at customer context can help your organization with prioritization as you ease into a multiple channel solution.

Providing a Consistent Customer Experience

Customer journey information can help prepare your customer service representatives for the types of questions and interactions they’ll get across channels and can help establish your team’s best practices to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Partnering with a professional team that undergoes extensive training to represent your brand and provide a seamless user experience is one sure-fire way to enhance a multi-channel support offering. 

While each customer journey is different, as a customer care team, it’s your responsibility to make their experience as helpful and consistent as possible. Aureon Contact Center has the experience and technology to provide your business with the innovative solutions to enhance the customer experience.

What could you be doing to provide a better customer experience?