Why Your Social Media Interactions Are So Important

Organizations should pay as much attention to consumers on social media as they do incoming calls, chats, and emails.

Articles published March 24, 2017

It’s a busy morning. You have a meeting in five minutes, but your child had an electronic gadget malfunction last night. Being a great parent, you reassured them you would take care of the issue in the morning. If you’re like me, you don’t even have time to make a phone call or write an email when you’re at work. A quick and easy way to report the issue is by using social media.  

Twitter is becoming a popular channel to report issues. Why? Because the experience is easy and doesn’t take the consumer a lot of time. All it takes is a simple Tweet to the company. Organizations should pay as much attention to the consumers on social media as they do incoming calls, chats, and emails. Fast, accurate, and warm responses have as much of an impact as being greeted with a smile and friendly voice when checking into your favorite hotel. 

I spent some time researching companies who have done a great job with social media interaction. The three organizations mentioned below respond quickly to tweets and the customer service they provide to their customers is second to none.

No Tweet Forgotten

Alex & Ani, a jewelry brand, makes it a point to respond to every tweet and message they receive on Twitter. It doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative; when someone tweets at them, they make time to reply. It creates a positive impact on the customer to know that the brand listens and values each of them. In today’s busy world, this is rare, especially when you have thousands of Twitter followers.

Slack, a communication tool designed for the workplace, is another good example of social media moderation and response. A look at their Twitter feed shows a clever blend of wit, friendliness, helpfulness, and emojis. They reply to many tweets, showing they’re dedicated to helping their customers stay productive with their chat tool. While writing this post, I kept my browser on their Twitter feed, and they replied to two people in that span. It’s great to respond to your customer’s questions, and it’s even better to do so in a friendly way that is both professional and casual at the same time. Slack does both, and does it in a way that shows they are approachable and appreciative.

Royal Dutch Airlines has a Twitter presence unlike any other I’ve seen. They came up with the idea of putting the estimated response time in their Twitter account header image. As I’m writing this, their response time is 16 minutes, which isn’t instantaneous, but the fact that the response time is listed in the first place is a testament to their brand. This shows they care about their customers and desire to keep their customers happy. This kind of moderation is exemplary, and is a dedication to exceptional customer service.

Keep it Consistent

These three organizations have their Twitter moderation running smoothly, and they have two things in common: timely responses and consistency.

The most underrated aspect of social media moderation today is consistency. With goals of delivering great customer service every single time, moderation needs to be done on a consistent basis and every reply needs to represent the company’s brand. This may take extra effort, but in the end, it’s worth it. At the end of the day, we all want our businesses to be successful and our customers to be satisfied with their service.

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