Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Aureon Contact Center FAQs

  • While we do offer call center solutions, such as customer service and IT help desk phone support, Aureon Contact Center focuses on the wider customer experience from start to finish, regardless of the communication channel. Our contact center employees are subject matter experts who can speak to your products or services with authority. Consider them an extension of your business. Learn more about the differences between a call center and a contact center.

  • A contact center consists of trained employees who receive and respond to customer and/or help desk inquiries across all channels of communication. They tend to have more technical training and know the ins and outs of your business. Aureon Contact Center Agents are an extension of your brand that work toward the common goal of building long-lasting relationships and customer loyalty.

  • Aureon Contact Center Agents work out of our three Midwest offices in Marshalltown, Newton, and Jefferson, Iowa. After meeting and exceeding service expectations for a set length of time, our employees earn the option to work as remote agents. No matter if your business requires in-office or remote-based contact center services, Aureon has got you covered.

  • Yes. Aureon Contact Center Agents work flexible shifts, which means we can provide 24/7 technical support, customer service, and IT help desk service.

  • Yes. Aureon Contact Center Agents are available on a shared or dedicated basis, depending on the level of support needed for your business. Our shared agents work with a variety of clients while our dedicated agents become subject matter experts. Unsure which option is right for you? Contact our sales team.

  • At Aureon Contact Center nothing is out-of-the-box. We customize everything to meet your needs. Depending on the level of support wanted or required, there are different solutions that we can offer based on our conversations with you. These include dedicated, shared, or hybrid contact center solutions. Not sure which solution is best for your organization? Reach out for more information.

  • Aureon Contact Center is flexible in supporting your customer service needs. We can scale the level of support provided to align with your busy season.

  • Yes. Aureon Contact Center offers 24/7 IT help desk support for your employees.

  • Yes. Aureon Contact Center offers 24/7 in-depth technical support services.

  • Many organizations lack the internal resources to adequately provide prompt customer service. Outsourced customer support allows you to deliver exceptional customer experiences while focusing on running your business. Learn how Aureon Contact Center puts the customer experience front and center.

  • Aureon has experience providing contact center solutions across a wide range of industries. Are you wondering if we’re a good fit for your business? Contact us.