Contact Center Solutions Boost Bottom Line and Overall Efficiency

Aureon's help desk services allowed Waddell & Reed to focus their resources on running their core business.

Case Studies published January 10, 2017

Aureon Contact Center representatives wearing headsets and taking calls

When Waddell & Reed, a Kansas-based financial planning firm, realized that they needed to improve their customer service and help desk response times, they turned to Aureon Contact Center. Aureon stepped up to the plate, quickly becoming Waddell & Reed’s trusted contact center partner, and impacting their customer care solutions in a big way. Since then, there have been major improvements in Waddell & Reed’s average speed of answers, first-call resolution rates, and the number of calls answered.

This is another example of Aureon helping an organization boost its customer service experience while saving money and shifting resources to the client’s core business.

In-House Help Desk Struggles to Keep Up

Waddell & Reed employed 1,200 team members at its central campus and an additional 2,500 independent advisors nationwide. The company’s in-house help desk received up to 4,000 employee calls per month and it lacked the resources to keep up with them. Advisors at Waddell & Reed relied heavily on the help desk for everything from updating customer information to technical assistance. Slow response times and lack of immediate action were especially problematic.

Waddell & Reed knew they had to take action.

Help Desk Outsourcing Provides Relief

Waddell & Reed wasn’t merely looking for a phone answering service. They needed a contact center provider who was flexible, accountable, and responsive. They also were looking for a company that knew the value of building and maintaining relationships.

Waddell & Reed turned to the U.S.-based Aureon Contact Center for answers. Aureon already had a reputation as an experienced outsourced contact center. It also provided comprehensive support beyond third-party inbound call center services.

Aureon’s Contact Center Services Get Results

Since partnering with Aureon, Waddell & Reed noted the average speed of answer decreased from three-and-a-half minutes to under 35 seconds.

Calls answered reached an all-time high of 96 percent.

Waddell & Reed estimated that they saved nearly 25 percent on time and costs associated with recruiting, onboarding, and managing internal staff. The company also reported an increase in workplace efficiency as a result of the switch to Aureon.

Could your organization benefit from help desk outsourcing services?

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