IT Help Desk: Burning Out Your On-Call Employees 

Burnout causes turnover and turnover costs businesses thousands of dollars because you lose a valuable asset – your highly skilled employee.

Articles published April 18, 2018 by Bobbie Jo Barry

Like most people, Kelly seeks a proper work/life balance, but because of the required weeklong on-call responsibilities she has every month, the balance gets thrown out of whack. For instance, she turned down a camping trip with friends over the weekend because the camping area is in a rural area that doesn’t get the best cell reception, which means if an emergency call were to come through, she might miss it.

Your on-call IT help desk professionals are just like Kelly in that they must take their work home, to the grocery store, to their children’s baseball game or school play, to the movies and anywhere else life takes them when they’re “off the clock” yet still “working.”

Even your most die-hard IT help desk employee needs a little R&R or they’ll burn out. This is the battle your company faces, but there is a way around it and we’ll get to that in a minute.

Burnout Affects Your Brand

The Kellys of the IT help desk world are the customer-facing representatives of your brand, which carries a lot of responsibility. Warren Buffett famously said that it takes two decades to build a reputation and only five minutes to ruin it. When Kelly begins to suffer from burnout, she isn’t focused on the good reputation that you’ve established with your brand and risks jeopardizing it.

If your help desk is experiencing burnout, they risk being part of the problem, which means the people they rub the wrong way could share their experience on social media channels where the message can reach a massive audience and do damage to your reputation. Burnout causes turnover and turnover costs businesses thousands of dollars because you lose a valuable asset – your highly skilled employee. You can avoid employee burnout with another solution – Aureon’s Contact Center.

Make the Contact Center Your Solution

Rather than put Kelly, or your equivalent of her, through the brutal on-call cycle, utilizing a third-party call center with 24/7 availability can help you avoid all the negatives associated with a burned out employee who has no motivation to provide quality customer service. Organizations that outsource to a call center will see a boost to their employee retention numbers.

Aureon’s Contact Center will give you the tools you need to connect to your customers when and where they want to connect, and not at the detriment of your IT help desk employees’ work/life balance.

Dealing with IT issues is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating, especially when on-call employees are tasked with taking calls on their days off. Thanks to Aureon’s Contact Center, the comprehensive suite of IT help desk services let your employees enjoy their days off while our contact center professionals deliver outstanding service. 

Utilizing an omnichannel customer experience approach, Aureon’s Contact Center includes phone, live chat, SMS and web ticket services. We know the value of customer service, which is why we develop an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs and customize our approach to every relationship. We’re committed to helping build your brand loyalty, so contact us today and let’s get started.

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