Mobile Application Support

When mobile application problems arise, Aureon Contact Center agents resolve your customers' issues quickly, keeping your app reliable and competitive.

With the rise of smartphones came the rise of mobile applications. These days, apps make it easy to put your business in the palm of your consumer's hand, yet many apps do not provide consumers with easy connections to technical support. At Aureon Contact Center, our agents are skilled in iOS and Android platforms and provide superior customer support for your consumer-facing apps.

Our agents are trained to educate your customers and troubleshoot issues leading to quick, efficient solutions. Using your bug tracking software, we are able to recreate issues and then make updates, keeping your mobile app engineers in the loop but freeing them up to troubleshoot bigger issues.

We provide mobile application support through the customer’s channel of choice, whether phone, live chat, or email. With regular monitoring of our advanced ticketing system, documentation of bugs and customer experience issues are quickly communicated to you so you can transform the data into opportunities.

We work closely with you to understand your app environment and become an extension of your own team, ready and willing to assist your customers. We strategically plan for app updates by having additional agents available for a potential increase in customer service inquiries.

When it comes to sensitive information, our agents follow best practice security protocols relying on phone calls, multi-step verification, and security questions to ensure only the intended parties are accessing secure data.