Aureon advocates for technology across Iowa

This past month, Aureon joined various technology companies and legislators from across Iowa to voice their uniform support for policy to expand technology infrastructure access for every Iowan.

Articles published February 25, 2020


Aureon is committed to advancing technology infrastructure, not only to attract capital investment to the state of Iowa, but to provide connectivity for all communities, businesses and homes.

“Aureon values the partnerships between organizations such as the Iowa Communications Alliance and Technology Association of Iowa who continuously support and invest in the growth of technology across Iowa,” said Sarah Borchers, Aureon Director of Experience & Brand. “We are proud to further make an impact on Iowa’s rural and urban communities through joint legislative initiatives.”

Aureon is proud to be a Diamond-All Star sponsor of the Iowa Communications Alliance’s annual Alliance Day on the Hill on February 12. Aureon team members and shareholders attended the event, taking time to speak with elected officials, including Governor Kim Reynolds, and legislative staff about policies surrounding access and growth for telecommunications services across the state.

The event’s successes included ICA members attending a subcommittee to promote Iowa communications carriers and legislators passing companion bills SSB 3112 and HSB 638, which aim to promote rural broadband infrastructure.

Aureon team members also joined attendees of the Technology Association of Iowa’s inaugural Legislative Launch on February 18. This bipartisan event provided the opportunity for technology companies, lobbyists and elected representatives to join forces and support technology growth within the state.

Governor Reynolds was also in attendance for this event, promoting multiple technology entities’ shared objectives and agendas. Aureon shares in TAI’s legislative initiatives to both advance policies that attract human and financial capital to Iowa, as well as elevate Iowa as the premier state for technology workforce.

Aureon is honored to be led by CEO Scott Behn, who advocates for connectivity and innovation for all Iowans. "Technology is important to every community, every business, every Iowan – it moves us forward and it is important to view policy surrounding access to technology with this attitude," stated Behn. It is in this spirit, that Aureon is actively working to strengthen our legislative relations.

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