It's Time to Get Proactive About Managed IT Services

Stay ahead of potential disruptions with proactive care.

Articles published August 4, 2020 by Rob Griffith


Outdated software, network outages, and data breaches are only a few of the potential tech issues that threaten to dismantle your business’s IT infrastructure and decrease productivity.

An investment in a comprehensive Managed IT solution, like Aureon ProActive care helps avoid these and other network disruptions before they happen. Moving to this type of automation based system can save you time and money.

Reactive Versus Proactive IT Support Solutions

A business that operates with a reactive IT support mindset does not respond to problems until they happen. For instance, if your network goes down and you call someone to come fix it that is reactive care. It may take hours to solve the problem and in the meantime, you’re losing money.

A business that operates with a proactive IT support mindset invests in 24/7 network monitoring and automated services that ensure IT systems stay patched, updated, and secure. The focus is on detecting and defending against security threats for PCs and network issues before they happen.

What Should You Look for in a solution like Proactive Care?

While all businesses can benefit from proactive monitoring and maintenance, identifying the maturity level of your IT infrastructure may help determine what kind of support you need.

Common features for this type of solution and provide benefits  for any size organization include:

  • Network monitoring and pro-active maintenance of key network points
  • Automated patching to keep your systems current
  • Responsive remote and onsite IT support options
  • Secure data backup and disaster recovery
  • Comprehensive network security solutions

Aureon ProActive Care combines 24/7 network monitoring and maintenance with innovative backup and security technologies to monitor your IT infrastructure and designated devices. The service also includes monthly technology performance reports for benchmarking purposes.

How Can Proactive Care Benefit Your Business?

An investment in proactive care type technology provides several direct and indirect benefits that will increase IT system efficiencies and boost your bottom line. Here are a few highlights.

1. Enhanced Security

Network security should be top of mind for any business, regardless of industry. Proactive IT support typically involves the deployment of antivirus protection and data encryption technology. Network security solutions may include firewall management, content filtering, and intrusion protection. Secure cloud backup and disaster recovery offer advanced protection.

2. Increased Productivity

Modern businesses rely on technology to stay competitive. Most of your employees cannot even perform their jobs without a stable network connection. If your network goes down unexpectedly, a remote or onsite team who is already familiar with your IT infrastructure will work to quickly find a solution. Less downtime ensures that employees can get back to work and stay productive.

3. Better Planning

Because your network is being monitored and maintained around the clock, there is less of a chance for unexpected IT expenses to occur that can easily derail your annual budget. Regular technology performance reports provide accurate records of where your IT infrastructure stands. They will also help you plan your IT budget for the next fiscal year to achieve your goals.

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

Making the switch to a proactive IT support system sounds simple enough, but it can be difficult without access to a dedicated team that has the time and resources to work and think ahead.

You can pair Aureon ProActive Care with our other managed IT services to obtain the level of support your business needs, whether you have a small business with limited to no IT resources or a large business with an in-house IT department that needs help tackling complex problems.

There’s no time like the present to get proactive and stay ahead of the competition.

Have you been taking a proactive or reactive approach to network security? Are you ready to invest in a more secure solution?

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