Solutions For Businesses: 4 Benefits of Meshed WAN

Meshed WAN has emerged as the most efficient way to meet the special delivery needs of each class of data.

Articles published March 7, 2017

Meshed WAN is the modern implementation of a packet switching network, capable of carrying converged traffic, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video, and data. As business networks increasingly carry this mix of traffic, Meshed WAN has emerged as the most efficient way to meet the special delivery needs of each class of data.

Meshed WAN creates a totally private and customized network that is independent of transport medium. Meshed WAN is used as the underlying technology, allowing your Wide Area Network (WAN) to be built on any combination of traditional time division multiplexing (TDM) circuits, Ethernet, or Internet connections.

Many different types of businesses are logical candidates for a Meshed WAN solution – most typically those that have two or more locations and a need to prioritize segments of their data traffic due to latency and/or performance concerns. The top four benefits of a Meshed WAN solution include:

1. Save time and improve efficiency through network oversight and management.

  • The single source for acquisition of necessary connectivity.
  • Support oversight available for the entire solution.
  • This means there’s no need to call the DSL provider in one town and the T1 provider in the other.

Meshed WAN manages everything from start to finish, and for all providers. This means you have only one call to make for services and support, and you’ll only receive one bill.

2. Reduced leased line costs.

Internet access can be provisioned directly from the Meshed WAN network, resulting in substantial leased line savings and unlimited scalability.

3. Quality of Service (QoS) management.

The Meshed WAN solution gives you the option to tailor services to your needs through the addition of QoS management. By employing QoS, you can control the Meshed WAN service. This prioritizes your mission critical traffic, allowing for your key applications to operate quickly and efficiently. Network applications, such as voice and video, are time sensitive and benefit immensely from the QoS that Meshed WAN functionality provides.

4. Mobility and connectivity from multiple locations.

Offsite workers and satellite branches can seamlessly join your Meshed WAN network through a Web-based Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Putting it all Together

Today a company can run its entire communications infrastructure on one network. Meshed WAN bridges remote locations, helps you manage traffic to realize the most value from your network, and makes new ways of doing business possible. Because your network effectively runs “in the cloud,” you benefit from professional management, advanced security, and unparalleled flexibility.

More than ever, distance barriers are shattered when your employees and customers communicate on one network.

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