Simple Tech Tips as Your Team Works Remotely

Establish a productive and secure work from home experience during COVID-19.

Articles published April 28, 2020 by Bob Bally


In a matter of days, nearly 75 million employees have joined the work from home (WFH) club. The global pandemic, COVID-19, has forced employers to place their teams safely at home to continue their valuable work. While you focus on your company’s business continuity, ensure your employees focus on productivity and implementing WFH best practices.  

As COVID-19 exploits the uncontrollable features of our lives, here are some things to share with your team that are within their control to establish a productive and secure WFH experience.

Keep your routine.

According to experts who have been leading the charge in working remotely for decades, continuing good weekday habits of dressing your best, exercising, and maintaining structure will increase your productivity and keep you engaged. Continue regularly scheduled briefings and check-ins with your team. Effective collaboration can continue with the right virtual tools.

Use solid, secure equipment.

Maintaining a strong and secure internet connection is of the utmost importance. Consult with experts to make sure your VPN connection, virtual desktop and other virtual tools are running smoothly.

Trust the Cloud.

During these uncertain times, Cloud hosting allows your business to react quickly, and gives your workforce the freedom to choose when, where and how they connect to your applications. By choosing a third party to manage your IT infrastructure, you will also be ensuring your business’s data is secure.  

Be vigilant.

The Department of Justice has reminded us that even though the world has slowed down, cyber attackers are continuing at an unforgiving pace. Be vigilant and pay attention to the emails you receive and the websites you visit. Phishing attempts and scammer activity have already increased in order to capitalize on the WFH population and COVID-19 anxieties. Don’t fall victim to their schemes by understanding the dangers of cyberattacks.

Beyond the tools.

Encourage your teams to:

Find a good workspace. As your team utilizes video-conferencing tools, make sure they double-check their setting and lighting.

Take breaks. Taking a quick walk around the block and breathing fresh air is sure to spark valuable ideas and keep your team fresh.

Shut it down. The lines of work time vs. home time can get blurry when everything takes place in the same space. Commit to an end time of each workday.

Reach out for help. Aureon is ready to help your business implement tools to keep your team efficient and securely connected.

Your team will be more efficiently when their virtual and technical tools are working for them. By eliminating the stress around security, connectivity and technology, your team can get back to what they do best which will ensure a productive, collaborative and happy work from home experience.

Aureon offers a full suite of technology, communications and network services to equip your teams to work from home. Connect with us to increase the productivity of your remote workforce and eliminate barriers as you team works from home.

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