TAI Iowa Technology Summit 2019 Recap

Aureon was proud to sponsor the cybersecurity track of the 2019 Technology Association of Iowa's (TAI) Iowa Technology Summit on October 1.

Articles published October 9, 2019

Photo Credit: Technology Association of Iowa 

TAI’s Iowa Technology Summit brings together both creators and consumers of technology to further innovate and elevate Iowa as a leading technology state. The annual event is known for uniting Iowa’s technology industry and curating thought leadership between both executives and technical teams.

Aureon’s partnership with TAI further promotes Iowa’s growing technology community by educating and connecting current and future IT leaders.

“We are and want to be known as a tech hub. It’s important to continue hosting these types of events throughout the state,” said Mike Rice, President of Aureon Consulting. “With over 20 years in this industry, it’s always fun to talk with other leaders, technologists and our competitors as we are all doing our best to make an impact in our community.”

It was important for Aureon to specifically sponsor the cybersecurity track of the Iowa Technology Summit. From technology to consulting to contact center operations, Aureon provides local businesses with customized solutions that keep their organizations connected, secure, and productive.

“Attending the TAI Technology Summit offers unparalleled access to the pulse of Information Technology in the state of Iowa,” said Aureon Systems Engineer Joe Tauke. “For Aureon to remain top of mind and the top choice for technology solutions, it’s critical for us to constantly get exposure to new trends.”

Check out some of the top takeaways from Aureon attendees:

“This is a great event for Iowa because it brings IT managers, owners, and CIOs from all parts of Iowa which promotes collaboration and shows all the benefits of the Des Moines area.” – Ron Schmudlach

“Aureon’s participation in the Tech Summit is significant because it helps us to broaden our concept of technology and bring new solutions to our clients.” – Heather Fogle

“Technology is constantly evolving. It was beneficial to hear how companies embraced new technology solutions and the benefits that resulted.” – Bobbie Barry

“I thought the Cybersecurity presentation, Digital Hapkido: Redirecting the Attacker’s Energy, provided helpful details about new hacking technologies and how to layer your security in a way to really minimize threats.” – Scott Hardee

For more information about the Technology Association of Iowa, visit technologyiowa.org.