VoIP Copy

Aureon's Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is reliable, easy to use and simple to manage.

VoIP enhances a staff’s mobility, promotes connectivity in remote offices, eliminates maintenance fees, and provides innovative features that give your organization an established and professional image. Simplify your business’ voice technologies to achieve sustainable operation through protected network connectivity. Our Aureon Fiber Optic Network ensures a sustainable internet connection so your voice calls are clear and free of static or interference. With VoIP, you never have to worry about dropped calls or choppy conversations. A single, private broadband connection prioritizes voice traffic over data to make sure your calls sound the way they’re supposed to 24/7, year-round. At Aureon, we keep your business up and running and moving forward.

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“In the past, we’ve had different companies for IT and telecom services (Internet and voice) and when we experienced slowness it was common to hear that the problem wasn’t on “their” network. Today, we just call Aureon and they take care of it.”
Stephen Petosa - Managing Partner, Petosa Law LLP