Virtual ISP

Aureon Technology offers reliable, scalable, and secure back-office Internet Service Provider (ISP) solutions to keep your customers connected.

Aureon Technology offers virtual ISP services to ensure the success of your business. With the all-in-one virtual ISP solution, you get everything your business needs in one comprehensive package.

Utilizing our Virtual ISP services allows you to be part of the secure and efficient Aureon Wi-Fi network, with no additional monthly or annual fee required. Virtual ISP partners also receive our service provider email, which offers built-in virus and spam protection—a 98 percent success rate—and webmail access.

ProVision, a web-based subscriber management system allows wholesale partners to easily manage internet subscribers. Aureon wholesale customers use ProVision to order, monitor, and manage the ISP subscriber services we offer.

All virtual ISP partners benefit from our dedicated customer support. Our local customer support services help keep your business running smoothly and your customers connected 24/7. We have more than 30 years experience providing technical support and customer service. Our solution-based call center has a proven, high resolution rate providing end-to-end customized troubleshooting, escalation, and ticketing processes. Our collaborative, Iowa-based team gives technical solutions to internet issues, including Wi-Fi, hot-spot access, cable internet, Fiber-to-the-Home, DSL, and email.

Additional Aureon bundled back-office ISP services include:

  • Growth-oriented advanced network appliances that deliver high-performance, reliable, and protected DNS and DHCP services.
  • High performance: can process up to 75,000 DNS queries per second.
  • Advanced DNS Protection: protects against DNS attacks including volumetric, exploits, DNS tunneling, NXDOMAIN and DNS hijacking attacks, as well as DHCP attacks, such as malformed DHCP requests. Meets the most stringent carrier, enterprise and governmental security requirements.
  • High-availability architecture and real-time database.
  • Optional Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), which adds security while maintaining consistency and compatibility.
  • DHCP appliances automatically assign IP addresses to broadband connections such as DSL, Fiber to the Home, and cable modems.
  • RADIUS authentication provides centralized authentication, authorization, and accounting for subscribers who connect to a network service.
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring.
  • Custom branding.

Aureon is invested in the success of the companies that utilize our Virtual ISP services. Interested in moving your business forward with Aureon Virtual ISP?