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Aureon clients say we provide them with a level of talent they just don’t get from other partners. It’s no wonder we have established so many long-standing partnerships. 

Our technology consultants span a wide range of disciplines: application and software development, quality assurance, program and project management, data and business intelligence, IT leadership, and much more. From strategy to planning to execution, Aureon consultants are equipped to handle the entire life cycle of a project.

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Aureon Consulting FAQs

  • A well-vetted and qualified consultant can make an immediate impact on your business and drive positive change. At Aureon Consulting, we take the time to understand your business, so that we can find someone who is the right fit.

  • Aureon Consulting has years of experience identifying top talent. Our expansive recruiting network guarantees partnerships with qualified professionals.

  • Aureon Consulting has national experience working with businesses of all sizes across many industries. We strive to deliver results on time and on budget.

  • Aureon is diligent about pre-screening its consultants. We work with you to identify talent that can handle the pace and workload of your business. Connect with an expert to learn more about our consultant pre-screening process.

  • Aureon Consulting specializes in finding top talent in the areas of program and project management and IT and technical consulting services. Learn more about the service areas we specialize in on our Employers page.

  • You can browse our consultant job openings here. If you find a job listed that you believe you qualify for, submit an application. We’ll be in touch with next steps and more information if we feel that you are a good fit for the role.

  • Aureon Consulting positions allow for flexible employment arrangements, including W-2 hourly, independent contracting, and Corp-to-Corp status. Aureon W-2 consultants have access to a range of benefits. Find out more here.

  • No. Aureon Consulting provides contract, contract-for-hire, and direct placement employment opportunities across a variety of industries. Browse our openings.

  • Yes. Aureon Consulting offers direct placement at companies, as well as contract and contract-for-hire opportunities. Browse our job openings.

  • Aureon Consulting is diligent about pre-screening and understanding your company’s products and culture. This ensures we can provide talent that is ready to hit the ground running once they arrive at your company. We always have your best interest in mind. Contact us to start the conversation.

  • Aureon consultants are primarily based in Des Moines, Omaha, and Kansas City. However, we have experience finding and placing top talent at businesses located throughout the United States. Contact us to learn more.

  • Aureon Consulting has experience finding and delivering top talent across a variety of locations and industries. Contact us to learn more.

“Aureon Consulting works hard to understand who we are as a company and what we look for in consultants/employees. This has translated into them providing us with great talent that is able to hit the ground running and fit in culturally from day one.”
Vice President, IT - Financial Services Industry
“Aureon Consulting provides us with open and honest communication and great talent.”
Vice President, IT - Financial Services Industry
“Finding a firm that can fill your needs at all ends of the spectrum and also allows you to flex and spend smartly, that’s a partnership worth creating and holding on to. That's what we found with Aureon.”
Head Crisis Management, Business Continuity - Real Estate Financial Services Industry
“Working with Aureon means fewer do-overs and situations where people start and don’t fit in or can’t handle the pace or workload. Aureon Consulting takes the time to get you the right person from the start.”
Head Crisis Management, Business Continuity - Real Estate Financial Services Industry