Optimize your business using Agile project management methodologies.

Many of our business consultants use agile project management methodologies to conduct their work effectively. Agile project management means working in segments and focusing all efforts on one segment at a time to ensure a better and higher success rate for your business.

Maybe you have heard the term “scrum” and are asking, “what is scrum?” And, “how does it apply to my business?” Scrum is a unique and efficient business solution. It establishes a structured framework for addressing complex issues and enables a team to analyze, plan for, and execute effective strategies to resolve these issues.

In Agile project management, a scrum master is tasked to serve as the lead project liaison and ensure team members have the resources they need to successfully execute their tasks. Scrum masters are problem solvers, facilitators of effective communications between employees, and leaders who work collaboratively to ensure their team stays on task. At Aureon, our scrum project management professionals have worked with businesses in all industries to oversee the implementation of proactive and effective scrum methodologies in accordance with agile principles.

Interested in learning more about scrum project management? Looking for talent to fill these positions?

  • Agile Coach
  • Agile Delivery Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner


“Aureon has provided IT contract and direct placement services for our company, including development, testing, business analysis, project management, data scientists and scrum masters. We appreciate their knowledge of our business and industry.”
Global QA Solution Delivery Leader - Agribusiness Industry
“By implementing some simple changes to the client's approach and in the way they sliced their work, I was able to quickly bring visibility into the amount of work that had been accomplished as well as bring clarity into the work objectives and goals. The visibility and clarity brought an understanding of what needed to be done. I'm hearing great feedback, seeing an improved morale, and leaders have since asked me to analyze the current work and identify skills gaps then to provide a proposal of what they need to do to get more work through the pipeline.”
Aureon Consultant - Finance Industry