Risk Management and Business Continuity

Aureon Risk & Resilience Management Services (ARRMS) helps simplify risk management so you can focus on running your business.

How you deal with an outage, recover from it, and prevent it from occurring again are crucial factors for your organization. If your business depends on system uptime and availability to serve clients and drive sales, then running a daily backup may no longer be enough. Many organizations need redundant internet connections and automated failover solutions should an outage occur within their primary systems or network. Having a business continuity plan and the associated technology can significantly help your bottom line.

Reduce Operational Risks

While companies may actively manage their product, market and/or financial risks, there are few managing their operational risks. Many mid-sized to large businesses do not have the expertise to assess operational risk and create adequate business continuity or disaster recovery plans for their organizations. Those who do struggle to keep them up-to-date and/or regularly test their plans. Aureon offers a suite of business resilience solutions, including risk assessments, business impact analysis, business continuity development, disaster recovery, and incident response plans. From developing risk governance programs and life cycles to employee awareness and training, Aureon has a solution to help you.

Worry-Free Management

Gaps in business resilience may heavily be impacted by corporate objectives as they focus on increasing revenues and reducing costs. Although this is imperative, consideration needs to be given to sustaining overall reputation and revenue impacts following a business disruption. Aureon Risk Management and Business Continuity solutions are designed to simplify risk management and reduce the time it takes to implement a robust risk management program scaled to fit every size of business with its unique needs. We can also initiate cloud-recovery solutions for business applications and servers. We provide hosted and managed technology solutions, which can help mitigate or reduce risks and assist with business recovery. We can help your business prepare for a material interruption resulting from natural, cyber, or other human disasters, reducing downtime and keeping you in business for the long term.

Aureon's risk management consultants offer a wide range of knowledge and skill areas:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Gap Analysis
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risk Assessments and Considerations
  • Risk Transfer Services
  • Emergency Response Planning and Training
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning, Training and Guidance
  • Disaster and Recovery Support Services
  • Business and IT Recovery Exercise and Testing
  • Crisis Management and Incident Response Planning

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“Aureon Consulting completed risk assessments of all our locations, providing us with both a detailed report of vulnerabilities and a list of high priority items to consider for additional mitigation. This was instrumental in getting a Risk Management and Business Resilience Program in place.”
John Hveem - COO, Omnitel Communications
“Over the past several years, we have benefitted from Aureon Consulting's deep knowledge of risk management, crisis management and the role that intangible factors play.”
Dave Duncan - CEO, Iowa Communications Alliance
“The detail of the risk assessment deliverables provided ensured we had a foundation to build upon as the business grows and needs change.”
John Hveem - COO, Omnitel Communications