Application & System Development

Aureon application and system development consultants keep your business competitive by working with you to create highly functional and user-friendly systems and applications.

As technology continues to evolve, it’s crucial that your business keep up with changes in software and processes in order to remain competitive. Whether looking for short-term assistance with a system development project or you wish to supplement your in-house dev team with an application development expert, Aureon Consulting will pair you with the talent best suited for the job. 

Consultants in this field specialize in software development projects that give businesses the tools they need to grow and succeed. With ample programming experience and specialization in various programming languages, our innovative consultants will assist you in building and developing applications and systems tailored to your business or organization, and help ensure your applications are created with the latest industry trends in app development. 

Application and system development consultants have in-depth knowledge of industry best practices as well as various development and programming languages including:

  • Java
  • .NET
  • Mainframe
  • CSS/HTML/JavaScript
  • Informatica
  • SQL
  • AngularJS
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • PHP

Need to bridge the communication gap between older technology and a new business system? Aureon Consulting can provide the talent to help modernize your business applications with enterprise application integration. Organizations use enterprise application integration to allow for important data to be used and shared by different applications, simplifying interactions between various technologies. Enterprise application integration is a scalable, long-term solution that provides greater data efficiency for your business. When you choose Aureon Consulting to assist with enterprise application integration, you will benefit from enhanced information sharing, cost savings, increased agility through multitasking, and reduced IT complexity as well as application support.

No matter what your technology development needs are, Aureon Consulting has the right talent for the job. Ready to move your business forward with application and system development consultants? Let us help you find skilled professionals for the following positions:

  • .NET Developer
  • Java Developer
  • PHP Developer
  • Front End Developer (CSS, HTML, JavaScript)
  • SQL Developer
  • Oracle Developer
  • Mainframe Developer (AS400, Cobol)
  • Solution Architect