Your customers’ preferences and behaviors are constantly changing, and your ability to adjust quickly and efficiently to those expectations will impact brand loyalty. Customer service, both good and bad, can have a direct and lasting impact on your company’s bottom line. One bad experience can potentially damage your organization’s reputation and brand forever. 

Contact Center Services, Call Center Outsourcing

For 30 years, we’ve seen how customers’ needs have changed and we’ve been helping organizations through it all. Located in America’s heartland, we are famous for our work ethic and offer a neutral dialect; high first-call resolution; Contact Center services; omnichannel customer experience approach that utilizes phone, live-chat, SMS, and web ticket; and consistency between our centers. We also have low turnover and overhead costs, so we can provide consistent, excellent, and cost-effective Customer Care Services for your company. Also, our business process outsourcing (BPO) services provide you the flexibility you need, so you can focus on your core functions.

When you partner with the Aureon Contact Center, we act as your call center outsourcing partner to develop an in-depth understanding of your product or service. Our team works to anticipate end-user issues to provide valuable customer assistance, enhance customer relationships, and build brand loyalty for your business.


Technical Support Service


As your organization grows, so does your need for customer service that is knowledgeable and comprehensive. If your organization’s product or services require in-depth technical support service, you need experts that know how to troubleshoot any issues to solve your customers’ problems. Without expert technical support, you could be on the fast track to losing customers and drastically impacting your bottom line.

As a recognized leader in outsourced technical support services, the Aureon Contact Center has the knowledge and best practices to support you with impeccable service levels and responsiveness.

We use customer feedback to build brand loyalty for your product or services, and we represent your company with expertly trained and courteous staff who are responsive, helpful, and trustworthy. There is unquantifiable value in peace of mind, and we provide just that, representing your brand as if it were our own.

 Customer Care Services


When your customers contact you, they’re looking for a positive experience, where you solve their issue quickly and in a friendly manner. If you don’t deliver that experience, you can quickly lose customer confidence, making you re-evaluate your entire customer service process.

With Aureon Contact Center, your customers are in reliable hands. As your partner and the voice of your organization, we train our U.S.-based customer care agents to deliver consistent quality interactions with knowledge, professionalism, and empathy. Our agents listen, understand, and respond with a quiet confidence, having become your brand champions. 

Our quality customer care differentiates your product, resulting in higher customer retention and increased sales. We go the extra mile to act as a consultant for the client, providing insights on key issues and advising on improvements that add value to your product or service.

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 IT Help Desk Services


Dealing with IT issues can be time consuming, expensive, and frustrating for you, your employees, and IT staff. The Aureon Contact Center offers a comprehensive suite of IT Help Desk services that handle any IT issues that may come up. Our team can also reduce your IT Service Management (ITSM) costs by performing many of your help desk functions. And, we have the expertise to handle your toughest technical challenges. 

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“Aureon provides us with the responsiveness, adaptability and work ethic that allows us to stay focused on running our business. There is immense value in working with genuine relationship-builders and Aureon really hits the mark.”

Anthony Goble, ITSM Manager, Waddell & Reed.




Social Media Moderation Monitoring your social media accounts 24/7 allows you to engage and respond to customers’ inquiries in a timely manner and when it matters most: at your customer's convenience. 

If you're not actively monitoring your social media profiles, you’re likely missing opportunities to capitalize on a customer’s positive experience, or respond immediately to a negative one, which can impact your organization’s reputation in an instant.

If you’re like most organizations, you don’t have the resources needed to monitor your social media presence 24/7. When you partner with the Aureon Contact Center, we’ll provide consistent, real-time social media monitoring across all your social channels. Our solution is based on client guidelines and terms of service that are specific to your company, so you can be confident that your image is protected 24/7, year round.

 Inbound Sales, Lead Management



Being available to answer inbound sales calls is key to capitalizing on every lead and turning prospects into clients. If you aren’t available, those sales opportunities could go to your competitors. Aureon Contact Center offers inbound sales customer service, so that you never miss a sales call. This frees up your sales team members to focus on outreach and events, while we field your calls and act as an extension of your team. 

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