Customized Care Team Training

Quality customer service starts with Aureon's customized care team training tailored specifically to your organization.

Brand ambassadors aren’t born—they’re trained. To make sure Aureon Contact Center personnel are ready to represent your brand, we develop their customer care skills around your goals, values, and culture. Each engagement is customized to your brand. 

During onboarding, agents working on your behalf receive training specific to your organization, products, and services, and continue to undergo several refresher trainings while serving your customers. 

At Aureon, we provide all of our agents with a foundation of exceptional customer service training and then layer in ongoing trainings on your business and technologies, setting both our professional agents and your organization up for success.

Our customized care team training covers:

  • Extensive client overview
  • Call center technologies agents will be using to provide support
  • Technologies used by clients 
  • Customer care techniques
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Advanced communication techniques