Social Media Moderation

Protect your image and respond to inquiries 24/7 with real-time social media moderation.

If you’re not monitoring your brand on every social media platform, you’re probably missing opportunities to capitalize on positive customer experiences and rectify negative ones. Either one can affect your company’s reputation, but most organizations don’t have the resources to monitor their social media accounts around the clock. 

Aureon Contact Center is ready to help. We provide management and monitoring across Facebook, Twitter, and more. Our flexible and scalable social media moderation model is tailored to meet each client’s unique needs, with agents receiving extensive training on client requirements. Our qualified agents provide customer service and respond to customer feedback.

Because our solutions are based on your guidelines and specific terms of service we can assure you we’re protecting your image 24/7, all year long. Facilitated by high-speed systems and agent aptitude, we provide consistent, real-time monitoring across all your social media profiles every hour of every day. 

Social Media Monitoring Experience You Can Rely On

Customers appreciate organizations that use their social media accounts to answer questions and solve problems. Regularly monitoring your branded social media profiles and taking the time to address these questions and concerns provides the opportunity to connect with customers and improve customer relations.

Our social media monitoring services include the accurate moderation of social media networks, community forums and blogs, and live feeds. 

Our U.S.-based call center locations are ideal for quick implementation, rapid response, and better accuracy than off-shore web moderation providers. Aureon can quickly scale, as well as integrate other BPO services, to meet your social media moderation needs. Our team easily adapts to proprietary software and changing client requirements. Whatever the platform, Aureon delivers proven performance and protection of your company’s most important asset—your image.