Backup & Data Recovery

With Aureon Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery, all hardware, software applications, networking infrastructure, and security systems are housed in our secure, SOC 2 compliant data centers.

Aureon will keep your organization functioning at its best with customized cloud backup technology solutions tailored to your specific needs. You need a plan to make sure you’re always connected, protected, and secure. Our redundant data centers store important assets in a safe and protected facility. Cloud backup ensures your files never go missing or get corrupted even in a business disaster. Aureon’s Data Cloud Backup and Recovery solutions will take care of any unforeseen disruption.

Our fiber optic network sets us apart from other disaster recovery service providers. Through our Aureon Fiber Optic Network, you’ll receive industry-leading connectivity with access to more than 3,800 miles of carrier-grade, self-healing fiber optic cable to accommodate your business’ data traffic as it grows. Stay connected with Aureon, and if outages occur, let our expert team help you restore connectivity quickly and efficiently.

By protecting your critical network and infrastructure at the Aureon Data Center, you’ll save considerable expense and worry because your networks and servers will be more secure. We recognize businesses today need the highest security and reliability to house your most important applications. Don’t let hardware failure, human error, software malfunctions, natural disasters, computer viruses, and more threaten the reputation of your organization. Connect with Aureon to ensure data recovery options are available before you need them. You’ll have peace of mind, so you can focus on building your reputation with great client service instead of restoring your reputation after a disruption.

Safety and security are among our top priorities. We provide redundant off-site monitoring of all security systems with:

  • 24/7, year-round video surveillance of the interior and exterior, including all doorways, hallways, and badge-access areas
  • Additional sensor-driven cameras are located on all doors, aisles, cages, cabinets, and within secure support rooms at the facility
  • Two-factor electronic security authentication with anti-pass-back doors to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the building

Our data center and recovery services include regular disaster recovery tests for regulatory compliance. Aureon can also deploy a second data center as a disaster recovery site for replication and vetting our primary locations. Our processing capacity, servers, and storage area networks (SAN) are specifically designed and scaled to replicate your IT infrastructure, data, and systems storage. In a disaster recovery event, we meet your computer needs and compliance requirements. We can even replicate your core business-specific processing systems, creating a warm disaster recovery site solution.

Aureon’s state-of-the-art facility can handle server management applications for clients nationwide. We deliver the highest level of security, redundancy, reliability, scalability, and technology. Partner with industry-leading Aureon Cloud Backup and Data Recovery services to prepare for the unexpected. With Aureon, you can stay ahead of the game.

Move your business forward with Aureon IT Services.


“Without [Aureon's] expertise, we’d be courting disaster instead of avoiding it. It certainly makes our jobs easier, knowing that we have a partner who has our best interests in mind every step of the way.”
Dawn Rankin - Controller and Vice President-Compliance, Iowa State Savings Bank (ISSB)
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