Network & Data Security

At Aureon, we believe a protected network is a structured one. We achieve network security through diversified and supportive solutions.

We provide network security solutions for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, legal, and financial services. Using Aureon’s innovative technology products and established expertise, we create a customized and simplified solution that will meet your business data security needs. Control applications, optimize reporting, and leverage encryption for a fully protected network architecture safe from security threats. When you choose Aureon, you receive focused and responsive service tailored to meet your security needs. Aureon network specialists can perform a network security audit to equip your organization with reliable network security monitoring services.

Aureon Technology protects your IT infrastructure with ProCare, an all-inclusive support plan with industry-leading monitoring, back-up, and network security management. Receive 24/7, year-round monitoring, patching, and support so you can deliver great solutions and great customer service, develop new products, open new markets, and perform focused and more efficient core business solutions. Consistency is key with network security, and ProCare identifies and repairs potential problems before something goes wrong.

ProCare includes:

  • Three tiers of service for the appropriate support fo your organization
  • Automated services to ensure your network and systems are patched, updated, and secured from outside threats
  • Alerts when problems are indicated
  • Remote and onsite support options
  • Monthly technology performance reports
  • Options for data backup and disaster recovery

Systems managed with ProCare require less service, keeping your IT costs in check and allowing for maximum productivity. Schedule a network security assessment today to learn more about minimizing risks and security threats targeting your business and employees.

Interested in moving your business forward with our data and network security solutions?