Firewall & Wireless

Aureon leads the industry by delivering innovative security solutions that layer defense, optimize systems, reduce risk, and increase productivity.

Is your firewall truly protecting your business assets? You need a robust solution capable of deflecting persistent external attacks, and Aureon has it. Vulnerabilities in your wireless and firewall security can lend access to suspicious and malicious threats, which can seriously harm your business. Lean on established Aureon experts to deliver superior network firewall protection through our Managed Firewall solution.

We know every business is different, with unique strengths and areas for improvement. That’s why it’s critical to implement a firewall system with internet firewall protection designed for your specific needs and expectations. The Aureon Managed Firewall deploys Unified Threat Management (UTM) to secure your networks and servers, ultimately delivering the best in risk and exposure protection. You’ll receive security across web, network, and email with one reliable solution. This approach creates a more diversified, 24/7 defense for your entire organization. Our approach includes an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), which Aureon will provide patches and any software updates for regularly. These solutions utilize an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) to securely connect multiple locations, giving you safe and protected firewall and wireless security to keep your business running.

As a network and firewall security industry leader, we offer Standard and Premium packages for reliable network and wireless protection.

Standard package features include:

  • Basic firewall protection
  • Aureon Managed Site-to-Site VPN
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Web content filtering and URL filtering
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Application control
  • Firewall anti-virus
  • Remote Access Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Standard reporting

You can also benefit from these add-on features:

  • Managed WiFi
  • Multi-factor authentication for remote access VPN
  • SIEM
  • Log storage
  • Third Party Site-to-Site VPN

Premium package includes all services in the Standard package, plus:

  • Options for multiple security zones
  • Customization by group
    • Firewall rules
    • Web content filtering
    • Application control
    • URL filtering
  • Prioritization and shaping for individual applications
  • Basic WAN failover
  • Premium reporting

Aureon helps lead your business technology down the path of success with flexibility for growth and worry-free support. We will maintain your configurations, patches, and firmware updates so web content filtering, IPS, and application control are always current and in compliance with the latest innovations in the industry. You also receive onsite support and maintenance services, so you can be sure your state-of-the-art protection is maintained. Our Managed Firewall solution can expand as your business adds new employees, locations, or business partners who may need access to your tools and systems. Aureon delivers scalable solutions by:

  • Adding new users or SSL VPN
  • Changing web filtering rules
  • Giving you the flexibility to add services or protection
  • Growing with your business as you add new locations for site-to-site VPN

Move your business forward with Aureon IT Services.