Our purpose is to help leaders and managers enhance their emotional, social and leadership intelligence through the following resources and development opportunities. 

  • Pre-Hire Assessments that help you hire and promote the right people for your positions and culture.
  • An eLearning Platform with over 1,000 self-paced online courses on business-critical topics that your team members can complete at their convenience.
  • Virtual Training for New Managers; 90-minute, monthly sessions facilitated over your computers, that support your new managers and supervisors in adapting to their new role, responsibilities, and relationships. (First session, summer 2018)
  • In-Person Training for your leaders and managers, helping them enhance their emotional, social and leadership intelligence as a team; together.
  • Executive Coaching that provides one-on-one coaching, support, and development to your leaders and managers at any stage of their career.


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Aureon Leadership Insights

Aureon Leadership Insights, Leadership tips in under two minutes! 

Great leadership changes the world and we are excited to support our clients in developing great leaders. We will be regularly posting "Aureon HR Leadership Insights - Leadership Tips in Under Two Minutes", as well as education on different resources and development opportunities that we offer. Watch the leadership videos


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