How Managed IT Services Benefits The Medical Field

Aureon's managed IT services provided Midwest Nephrology Consultants with accessible digital records, reliable technical support, and peace of mind.

Case Studies published February 28, 2018 by Mike Wallen

When the government made the switch to electronic health records (EHR), Midwest Nephrology Consultants, a care clinic that serves those with kidney disorders and diseases in the Kansas City area, realized a need for help with their managed IT services

Along with the need for EHR support, Midwest Nephrology Consultants also needed technical support for their day-to-day operations. Because of digital advancements, they quickly realized that they would be depending more and more on technology for data accessibility and security.

They chose to have Aureon manage their technology. Aureon came up with a plan that could integrate many of their systems. This plan, complete with a new server and managed services approach, gave them the capabilities to house all of their records electronically, and gave them the ability to access the records from anywhere.

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