A slow or unreliable network can hinder your ability to serve customers and cause frustration for you and your employees. That’s a big problem. You need an Internet Service Provider that provides the bandwidth your business needs to safely and efficiently deliver data, improve communications, and help grow your business.

As an Internet Service Provider and a Business Internet Provider, Aureon offers high-speed, reliable, and redundant internet solutions and data services. With more than 5,500 miles, the Aureon Fiber Optic Network delivers unmatched reliability throughout Iowa. We are also a proud member of INDATEL Services, a premier nationwide facility-based Ethernet services provider. This partnership enables us to deliver Ethernet connectivity via 100,000+ fiber route miles of fiber deployed across the U.S.


Access to the internet is an essential function for most businesses–providing instant access to the information needed for research, email, instant messaging, e-commerce, procurement, competitive analysis, and business applications.

Aureon Technology offers high-speed, high-performance, and dedicated access to the internet, with additional services and features that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Learn More About Aureon as a Business Internet ProviderOur redundant statewide network and out-of-state partnerships allow us to provide the most reliable direct internet access available. If one of our providers has a network issue, we quickly route traffic to our other providers at our redundant locations to ensure your organization has the access it needs.

Aureon Restore Internet Freedom Statement

As an ISP, Aureon has never blocked websites, nor censored online content, nor throttled or degraded ISP traffic based on the content. Nor has Aureon unfairly discriminated in the treatment of internet traffic. The principles presented in the FCC’s 2010 Open Internet Order are fully supported by Aureon and our affiliates.


Understanding your organization’s data network and communications technologies is no easy feat. Aureon can help you reduce complexities and simplify day-to-day operations. Our expertise and solutions help deliver voice, video, and data securely and efficiently. We provide scalable and redundant solutions to help your business grow and keep your employees productive.

SD-WAN, Aureon Cloud WAN

SD-WAN From AureonSoftware-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) - 
Aureon takes SD-WAN to a whole new level with Aureon Cloud WAN managed services. The Aureon Cloud WAN helps businesses improve application performance, expand internet connectivity and reliability, and enhance network security. In addition, offering SD-WAN as a managed service enables businesses to simplify IT and network operations allowing them to focus on other IT projects and priorities.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) –

Allows your business to prioritize the voice, video, and data traffic on a converged communications network.

FiberFiber – 

The Aureon Fiber Optic Network provides the speed, bandwidth, reliability, and performance to support your business communications with redundancy, symmetry, and reliability.

SIP Session (Trunking)SIP Session (Trunking) – 

A cost-effective solution for businesses seeking the benefits of converging voice and data traffic into one network.

IP Meshed Wide Area Networks (WAN)IP Meshed Wide Area Networks (WAN) - 

Aureon’s IP meshed WAN offers an efficient and secure data network provided through multiple access and configuration options.

T-1T-1 –  

T-1 and integrated T-1 services offer beneficial support for businesses with large data needs, a high-volume of voice traffic, no access to Ethernet options, or dedicated transport for your business voice and data.

Ethernet Over Copper (EoC)Ethernet Over Copper (EoC) - 

A fast, secure, and affordable alternative to T-1 or fiber. Aureon’s EoC solution provides Ethernet speeds up to 30+ Mpbs.

We deliver multiple data networking services that are scalable to adjust and grow with your business. Whether your employees are in one building or multiple locations around the world, Aureon’s data networking services can ensure your connectivity needs are met with reliable performance.



Does your organization have the speed and bandwidth to meet its needs today and in the future? Regardless, you need a network that is fast, reliable, and scalable, to stay connected and productive. The Aureon Fiber Optic Network offers:

  • Speed: Symmetrical connections up to 100 Gbps.
  • Scalability: Fast and easy to scale as your business grows.
  • Reliability: Self-healing architecture for redundancy and protection.

The Aureon Fiber Optic Network is monitored and supported 24/7 by our network operations experts to ensure your organization has the access it needs all the time. We offer the bandwidth and services to support all your communications needs to remain competitive.

The Aureon Fiber Optic Network  

Aureon Fiber Optic Network Map


Aureon is a partner with INDATEL Services and can leverage the nationwide INDATEL network as one of several options to deliver services outside the state of Iowa. INDATEL allows us to participate in the Rural Ethernet Exchange, so our fiber is part of 100,000+ fiber route miles to provide Ethernet connectivity to rural and metropolitan areas across the country. We also use various channel partners to expand our coverage and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) footprint outside the state.

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