Multi-Channel Contact Center

Aureon Contact Center offers flexible multi-channel customer service solutions that scale with your business while providing a consistent customer experience.

We understand the importance of the customer experience matching the customer expectation. With Aureon Contact Center’s multi-channel solution, your customers can contact us any way they want, when they want, and our courteous customer service agents will provide them with a consistent customer experience.

A Consistent Customer Experience

The experience of your customers is our top priority. Aureon Contact Center agents go through customized training to learn about your company and your products and services to become an extension of your brand. 

Our multi-channel solution simply means we offer more than one channel for customers to communicate with your brand. Whether you choose to use social media, live chat, email or phone calls, Aureon will accommodate your customer preferences. 

Whatever channel your customers choose, they are connected to the best qualified agent in a single intelligent and unified queue. This allows our team of expert agents to provide the highest level of customer care, while delivering consistent and accurate information with the utmost efficiency. Every customer interaction is handled in a consistent manner even during different times of the day or day of the week. 

Multi-Channel Customer Service

With Aureon’s customer service solution, you define what you need and pay for what you use. Our flexible, scalable solution allows for you to increase or decrease service to accommodate company growth and to manage seasonal fluctuations.

Our customer service solutions also include virtualization opportunities for work-at-home agents. Our well established remote working program enabled a rapid response to the Covid pandemic, and in turn, we are able to offer access to a wide network of skilled, qualified agents and higher retention rates, so you can expect more consistency with your experienced customer service team. 

The Benefits of Aureon’s Contact Center

  • Select pay plans for what you need
  • Scalable solutions allow for growth or to assist with seasonal fluctuations
  • Well established work-at-home programs that deliver agent performance to the highest standards
  • Knowledgeable agents that serve as an extension of your brand

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