Managed LTE: Reliable Business Internet When and Where You Need It Most

A sudden internet outage can spell disaster for your organization. So just what is a business to do? Your best bet is to have a backup plan.

Articles published January 27, 2022


We often take high-speed internet access for granted, especially in the workplace. So much of how today’s businesses operate requires internet connectivity. A sudden internet outage can spell disaster for your organization, resulting in frustrated employees and lost productivity. You may even find yourself unable to conduct simple business transactions. The end result? Your profit takes a hit. So just what is a business to do? Your best bet is to have a backup plan.

What Is Managed LTE and Who Is It For?

Managed LTE is a form of cellular internet that supports your network. For instance, many of the businesses that work with Aureon rely on dedicated internet access supported by our high-speed fiber optic network. Clients will use our managed LTE services as a backup internet solution if an unexpected outage strikes.

Meanwhile, mobile businesses — such as pop-ups, construction sites, ATM sites, and more — might rely on a metered managed LTE data plan as their main source of internet connectivity. This is an ideal choice for someone who has a consistent need for bandwidth on the go.

Different Types of Managed LTE Services

There are a variety of managed LTE services available on the market. At Aureon, we offer two solutions that our customers find most valuable: metered and backup managed LTE data.

A metered managed LTE data solution provides a wireless metered connection that is ideal for those businesses on the go that we mentioned previously. It’s also a good solution for businesses seeking short-term connectivity. This wireless solution is reliable, flexible, and easy to deploy.

Typically this type of managed LTE solution comes in a variety of data tiers. Aureon offers its metered managed LTE data solution in 5 GB, 10 GB, and 20 GB increments on a per month basis. You can upgrade to a higher data tier as your business grows and your data needs increase.

A backup managed LTE data solution is an ideal choice for organizations looking to support their primary internet connection in the event of an internet outage. You should look for a backup managed LTE plan where the service provider is not loyal to one wireless carrier. At Aureon, we don’t play favorites. We automatically select the best wireless carrier for your location.

You’ll also want to ask if your provider has any usage limits. Some service providers throttle your internet speed once you use a certain amount of data. This can lead to even more problems.

Get the Most Out of Your Managed LTE

While a managed LTE solution on its own can provide connectivity to mobile businesses, the majority of organizations that turn to this type of solution package it with other offerings. Aureon is a one-stop shop for businesses looking to get the most out of their managed LTE plan. It is often combined with our Managed Firewall solutions for a total solution that includes security.

A backup managed LTE solution paired with dedicated internet access means you get some of the fastest speeds around the majority of the time you’re doing business. Your backup managed LTE plan is there to support your main internet line and reduce downtime during an outage.

In addition, a backup managed LTE solution is even more powerful when you pair it up with other business continuity services to ensure that your organization stays safe and connected.

Connectivity Can Make or Break Your Business

For most businesses, connectivity issues equate to money lost. Investing in a reliable cellular internet connection means that you are always connected whenever you need to be. Pair your choice of managed LTE data solution with other managed IT services and you will be on your way to building the ultimate business continuity plan while also boosting productivity and profits.

There’s never a wrong time to assess your business’ internet needs. Connect with an Aureon expert to learn more about our managed LTE data solutions.