Meshed WAN

Combine voice, data, and video into one efficient network with a Meshed WAN solution.

As your organization grows, is your communications network able to keep up? For many businesses, an unpredicted challenge of growth is managing their communications network and related IT infrastructure. A Meshed Wide Area Network (WAN) is an economic and effective solution for even the most complex systems.

Meshed WAN is the modern implementation of a packet switching network, capable of carrying converged traffic, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video, and data. As all three traffic channels have become increasingly essential to daily business operations, combining these services within one network has become an efficient way to meet business needs, resulting in improved performance and the flexibility needed for additional growth.

Businesses of all types and sizes are logical candidates for Meshed WAN, but it is an especially helpful solution for organizations with two or more locations. Meshed WAN service puts your network in the cloud where every employee has appropriate and fast access to data and company information. Because it’s based in the cloud, physical location no longer limits the ability of employees to access information and communicate with one another. 

How Mesh Network Works

Meshed WAN creates a totally private and customized network that is independent of transport medium. In a Meshed WAN environment, sites are connected directly to one another, creating a more efficient and economical structure that is easier to maintain and provides superior performance.

While older networks rely on routers to deliver network service to various users, Meshed WAN is a simpler, decentralized solution that also eliminates single points of failure common in older networks. 

Benefits of Meshed WAN

There are many advantages to implementing Meshed WAN. With increased flexibility and access, Meshed WAN: 

  • Connects transparently to multiple locations
  • Provides a flexible path of migration to connect diverse transport technologies
  • Enables businesses to better manage rapidly evolving technology needs
  • Leverages efficiency and effectiveness by merging voice, video, and data
  • Reduces IT costs and time
  • Offloads network management
  • Single point of contact for all customer sites
  • Simple access for end users
  • Efficient use of bandwidth
  • Flexible configuration that can be matched to any size of business
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Application control

Gain Efficiency with a Meshed WAN Solution

Without a doubt, a business today can run its entire communications infrastructure on one network. Bridge remote locations and find new ways to do business with a fast, reliable Meshed WAN solution. With Meshed WAN, distance barriers and the inefficiencies of traditional networks are a thing of the past. Enjoy professional management, advanced security, and flexibility with Aureon’s cloud-based Meshed WAN solution.

Could your organization benefit from a simplified, scalable communications network?

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