Wholesale Internet Services

You need reliable fiber business internet for your customers, and our wholesale dedicated internet access solutions are here to help.

Internet access is essential to both broadband subscribers and businesses alike. Providing instant access to information and applications needed to communicate, support customers, and grow sales effectively is critical to running a successful business. To be more efficient, an organization needs reliable connectivity both onsite and from remote locations.

Aureon Technology offers high-speed, high-performance wholesale dedicated internet access (DIA) – providing your customers with high-speed fiber internet connections and guaranteed reliability. Your customers can count on guaranteed bandwidth with equal upload and download speeds. Aureon’s DIA also delivers additional features that can be tailored to meet the needs of your company and customers.

Fiber Optic Internet Access

The Aureon Fiber Optic Network is engineered to choose from multiple carrier access points to provide an optimized experience. While an outage or line congestion in a single- carrier network could result in no customer internet access until the problem is resolved, the Aureon network provides multiple paths to ensure that in such events, customer traffic can be routed through another path with no disruption to the end-user service.

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Global Network Connections

Because we manage our network, we are able to offer enhanced services and better connectivity. Your customers will receive equal upload and download speeds to move large amounts of data easily and securely thanks to our innovative, symmetrical network. We also have multiple caching partners, such as Netflix, Alkamai, Twitch, and more, ensuring your customers have quicker access to data and fewer instances of delay when streaming high-definition programming and multimedia.

Our dedicated internet connection lets you stretch your network worldwide. The Aureon network provides connectivity to multiple backbone providers, eliminating your need to connect to alternate providers.

Scalable Bandwidth

Aureon Technology allows you to scale your bandwidth quickly and efficiently as your internet needs grow. Our fast response times for bandwidth increases allow you to continue to provide your customers with superior service as their businesses grow.

With Aureon DIA, powered by the Aureon Fiber Optic Network, you can have the guaranteed bandwidth and unparalleled support to remain competitive, today and in the future.

Superior Customer Service & Technical Support

Aureon Technology provides high-performance dedicated internet access that is reliable and flexible. With Aureon wholesale dedicated internet services, you have access to 24/7 technical support and a team of local network experts eager to assist you. That means prompt responses and resolutions to questions and issues all from a team of experts near you. Count on Aureon Technology for a local, personal approach and immediate service that you can trust. Let us be your one point of contact for all connectivity needs.

Ready to improve your business — and those of your customers — with wholesale dedicated fiber internet access from Aureon?