Audit & Analysis

Our team of Aureon IT analysts will make sure your network and data security is where it needs to be to ensure the utmost protection for your business.

Is your security as protected and efficient as it should be? You’ll have your answer with an Aureon security audit. Using innovative network security audit tools, our experts will perform an IT security analysis and website security audit to identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities. We can install or update your internet security software and other firewall security applications needed to protect your business or organization from malicious inbound and outbound threats. Don’t fall prey to computer viruses and attacks because of an unsecure network. Aureon delivers, and you can expect to see the best results on the market. Our IT team will use an IT security audit checklist to complete a network security assessment for your business. Connect with us today for a security audit, and we’ll transform your infrastructure and network to sustain and prevent any posed threats from compromising your security.

Move your business forward with Aureon Data & Network services.

“Working with a partner that understands the importance of what you need and how it impacts your business is crucial. There is peace of mind in knowing that someone else has your best interests in mind, not theirs.”
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