Managed LTE Services

Reliable wireless internet that works where you do.

We know that your business internet needs come in all shapes and sizes. That's why Aureon offers two managed LTE data solutions — Metered and Backup. Our managed LTE services connect you with short-term or backup wireless internet based on your unique needs.

We partner with multiple LTE wireless carriers to deliver our managed LTE data solutions. What does this mean for you? A reliable wireless connection wherever you are. Continue reading for more details on both of our managed LTE data solutions and find what works for you.

Metered Managed LTE Data

Aureon's Metered Managed LTE data solution provides a Wi-Fi metered connection for pop-up office locations, construction sites, mobile retail businesses, ATM sites, and more. Whether your business is on-the-go or seeking short-term connectivity, metered internet is there for you.

  • Reliable: Engage with customers and businesses through a stable network connection powered by trusted wireless carriers.
  • Flexible: Select the service tier that works best for you now with options to upgrade and downgrade each month, depending on the needs of your business.
  • Quick Deployment: Activate devices within 7-10 business days of a signed contract - resulting in fast, simple wireless connectivity.

How it works: Aureon's Metered Managed LTE data solution leverages three data tier packages. Choose between 5 GB, 10 GB, and 20 GB data per month options. You can take advantage of Aureon's trusted network by selecting the data tier and price that works best for you. Connect with an expert to learn more about our Metered Managed LTE data pricing structure.

Backup Managed LTE Data

Aureon's Backup Managed LTE data solution is ready whenever you need it. We select the best wireless carrier for your location, which results in a better backup connection and less downtime. The best part? Our LTE backup internet solution has no usage limits and no throttling. Because who wants to worry about how much data they have used when their primary internet is down?

In the event that you run into any technical issues, Aureon offers 24/7 support. We also include and provide hardware to your organization as part of our Backup Managed LTE Data solution. Our primary objective is to provide you with a stress-free experience and minimal downtime.


Already an Aureon customer? Aureon's Backup Managed LTE data solution works with our existing services such as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Managed Firewall.

Go the extra mile to protect your organization's IT infrastructure and improve business continuity strategies by partnering with Aureon for your backup internet connection.

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