Aureon Hosted Cloud Services

Leverage the Aureon Cloud and Aureon Data Centers to simplify your IT infrastructure and ensure security of your critical information.

Your business-critical applications require the highest in reliability and availability. Protect your critical business data and applications with Aureon’s fully hosted and managed cloud solution. 

Enable your team to work from anywhere with Aureon Cloud Services. Increase productivity with simplified access to multiple software solutions at one time through hosted virtual desktop and servers.

Our flexible, customizable solutions enable your business to be more efficient while enhancing your network’s reliability and uptime objectives.

The Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting with Aureon

When it comes to providing hosted cloud solutions, our first priority is to develop a solid understanding of your business, including growth planning, short-term and long-term objectives, current pain points, applications, hardware, bandwidth, and mobility needs. Equipped with that information, our team of experts plans and designs a cloud service solution that meets your organization’s specific needs. Then we provide the installation, management, and training needed to operate efficiently.

With hosted Aureon solutions, you can count on:

  • Anywhere access with guaranteed uptime
  • Scalable infrastructure with predictable costs
  • Secure hosting
  • Dedicated IT support

Aureon Cloud and IaaS Solutions

Leveraging the Aureon Cloud can simplify your software licensing requirements. When you partner with Aureon, there’s no need for you to build or manage servers, applications, or other IT hardware and infrastructure. You simply rent the resources, which are easily scaled up or down as your business changes, and the Aureon team of experts handles the rest, providing ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support services.

We offer Aureon Cloud services that can be bundled or utilized separately. These include:

When you count on Aureon cloud and hosting services for your computing infrastructure, you'll discover simplicity, cost savings, and access to our technical experts. Specific benefits include:

  • No more servers to buy, manage, or maintain
  • Anywhere access with guaranteed uptime
  • Scalable infrastructure with predictable costs
  • Secure hosting within a SOC-2 compliant data center
  • Dedicated IT experts supporting your systems
  • Automated data backup and recovery services
  • All-inclusive support with 24/7 monitoring
  • Focus on managing and growing your business, not your technology!
  • Customizable solution

Reliable Cloud Connectivity with Aureon Data Center

Cloud hosting within our data center provides a reliable and redundant internet connection and enhanced backup and data recovery options, keeping your network and servers more secure. 

At the Aureon Data Center, safety and security are our top priority. We ensure your information is fully protected and available when you need it. Our controlled access facility provides multiple layers of redundancy and meets certified standards for security and privacy. 

By protecting your critical network infrastructure with the Aureon Cloud and Data Center, you’ll save considerable expense and worry.

Interested in simplifying your IT infrastructure with Aureon hosting services?


“Working with Aureon allows us to not worry about technology, which gives us more time to focus on what we’re good at: practicing law and providing excellent, timely legal services for our clients.”
Stephen Petosa - Managing Partner, Petosa Law LLP