Why Your Business Needs Experienced Network Engineers

Network engineers are the shepherds of your systems. Your business needs experienced engineers who can protect your network from data breaches and cyber attacks.

Articles published January 7, 2020 by Jack Kapustka

Experienced Network Engineers

Is your network safe and protected?

In 2018, according to the Statista Research Department, 1,244 successful data breaches were reported and 446.52 million records were exposed as a result. That same report also stated that the average cost to businesses affected by a data breach in the United States amounted to 7.91 million dollars.

Unauthorized intrusions into corporate networks are an all too frequent occurrence. While you may never be able to anticipate a breach, you can certainly safeguard your network and systems to protect against them. Partnering with an experienced network engineer is the first step.

What is a network engineer?

Network engineers develop, build, and manage computer networks, and are responsible for the security of those networks. Network security consists of practices and programs that monitor access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and its resources.

Network engineers are skilled and knowledgeable technicians who can design and install a new computer network or upgrade and maintain an existing system. The latter will often involve conducting an audit and analysis of a network to identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Essentially, the role of a network engineer is to keep your systems running smoothly, optimize them for efficiencies, and protect against unauthorized intrusions.

Protect your computer network systems

When it comes to safeguarding your computer network and systems against breaches that threaten to compromise your security, experience matters.

Imagine a scenario in which you’ve been made aware of a vulnerability in the security of your network or infrastructure. If you don’t patch and update the system as soon as possible, you could be placing your company at greater risk of an attack. Or imagine never even knowing about the vulnerability because you don’t have technicians with the experience to recognize it.

Peace of mind is knowing you have a team of experienced network engineers who can move quickly to diagnose and fix issues in the event of a data breach or cyber attack. Be proactive and prepared. The continuity of your business may depend on it.

More companies are taking action every day, as the demand for network engineers has increased over the last decade. As recently as 2016, Forbes reported that job postings in IT went up 75 percent over the previous five years. But the supply of candidates has been low. With a dearth of qualified candidates, more businesses are partnering with tech solution companies that already employ experienced network engineers who possess the analytical skills necessary to analyze systems, identify flaws, and recommend improvements.

Another contributing factor is the evolving role of a network engineer. Shifts within the industry have largely de-emphasized coding skills and placed more value on certifications. Experienced network engineers who have demonstrated the ability to be flexible and innovative are more coveted than ever. It is a high risk to take a chance on a newcomer to the field when you can instead partner with a network engineer who can quickly grasp the critical applications being used in your system and the data being transported across the network.

Trust is ultimately the most important factor. When it comes to the management and security of your network, the safest hands are often the ones that have done the work already. 64 percent of companies are already partnering with a managed service provider such as Aureon to ensure a team of experienced network engineers are moving their business forward. 

Ready to keep your network safe and protected? Connect with Aureon and appreciate the peace of mind of knowing your systems are in good hands.