Hardware & Software

Aureon's experienced team will ensure your hardware and software are up to date and performing at the highest standard of quality.

Aureon, your end-to-end IT provider, offers responsive and innovative hardware and software support. Whether you need updated application software or remote and onsite server management, Aureon has the technical tools to meet your needs. Using network management software, our experts can ensure your connectivity is safe and protected 24/7, year-round. Our IT Service analysts are available to serve you onsite at any time to update and backup hardware servers or upgrade data network storage solutions through cloud computing.

Our collaborative technical experts also virtualize your hardware servers, making it easier to add server capacity without buying, installing, and maintaining additional hardware. This results in more efficient support, operations, and productivity. With our Hosted Virtual Desktop and Servers, your hardware can support multiple software and applications at once, all on the same screen. Plus when you choose Aureon, you can access state-of-the-art products and services from our industry-leading Hardware and Software Partners, such as Microsoft, Dell EMC, Cisco and many more. Connect with Aureon and benefit from well-respected companies.  

What is the true difference between hardware and software?

Hardware computer operations are performed on any physical device and software is a collection of code installed on your computer’s hard drive. Both are essential to running your business or organization and both can be diversified and enhanced to foster more efficient productivity. Let our team of highly skilled experts help you find the right balance of hardware and software solutions for your business.

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