Aureon's superior and ever-evolving Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) services are industry-leading.

We offer SD-WAN as a managed network service through Aureon Cloud WAN, a solution that allows connected branch offices to operate more efficiently and remote workers to access data with ease. Aureon experts implement SD-WAN to connect multiple networks and locations, utilizing centrally managed software to improve application performance and simplify network management. SD-WAN simplifies IT and network operations so businesses can focus on other IT projects and priorities. When you utilize Aureon’s SD-WAN solution, your business can get projects done on time and on budget. Most importantly, you can keep your priorities where they belong.

Offering SD-WAN as a managed service enables businesses to simplify IT and network operations allowing them to focus on other IT projects and priorities.

The Aureon Advantage

  • As an end-to-end IT service provider, you’ll have one partner for all your needs.
  • Established Aureon experts provide 24/7 support and offer consolidated billing.
  • We will manage your network to keep your business running so you focus on projects and priorities.
  • Aureon presents unified threat management services, including firewall, VPN, IPS, Web and Application Control, Encryption, and AV.
  • You’ll be connected to cloud and SaaS applications such as the Aureon Cloud and Data Center.  

Evolve your hardware and network connectivity

Our Cloud WAN managed services help improve business application performance and expand internet connectivity and reliability, enhancing network security.

Interested in moving your business forward with Aureon SD-WAN?

“We had been talking to multiple different vendors around and I found myself chasing down quotes and updates. It got to the point where I had to ask myself, ‘If I have to chase these guys down during the sales process, what will they treat us like once we sign up?’ When I found out what Aureon could do, they rose to the top. From the start, they made us feel like they wanted our business. In addition, they had the complete package of what we were looking for. I had great confidence in how they were going to treat us moving forward.”
Kyle Foster - Vice President, Imagetek
“Aureon’s implementation process was smooth and painless. They had things moving in parallel – fiber lines being put in while getting the hosted infrastructure set up and at the same time we’re getting equipment to handle the dual internet lines. Things were up and running quickly. We had zero downtime internally, which was perfect”
Kyle Foster - Vice President, Imagetek
“The project management aspect of Aureon’s service was another bonus. I didn’t have to babysit all the moving parts. They gave me weekly status updates and kept me in the loop without me having to speak up to find out what was going on. When questions came up, I went straight to the project managers and had answers immediately. That made my life a lot easier.”
Kyle Foster - Vice President, Imagetek
“Aureon gives me peace of mind and saves me time and headaches. I no longer have to worry about keeping servers up and making sure there are no failures. I don’t have to worry about equipment maintenance. I no longer need to teach employees all the moving parts that are happening internally. Now, all I need is Aureon’s support number. I give it to them when I’m out of the office and I don’t have to worry. Just call Aureon and they’ll sort it out from there.”
Kyle Foster - Vice President, Imagetek
“The majority of migration happened in the background with no disruption to staff. The end result speaks for itself—a predictable budget, current software versions, email encryption and seamless connectivity. All of these benefits have allowed us to keep our focus on the families we serve every day, which is the biggest benefit of all.”
Jennifer Pavlovec - CFO, Children & Familes in Iowa
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