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Aureon's direct connection to Twitch delivers quality streaming for gamers

Articles published January 19, 2021


When it comes to an excellent online experience for gamers, high-quality live streaming of eSports and gaming is of the utmost importance. Aureon is pleased to announce that our network now connects directly to Twitch – delivering an enhanced streaming connection for Twitch users.

Twitch, which was introduced in 2011, provides a platform to livestream video content including videogaming, esports competitions, cooking, music, and more. Twitch is growing in popularity with approximately 26.5 million average daily visitors and over 6 million unique creators streaming each month.  

This direct connection enables Aureon Clients to have faster access and reduced latency when accessing Twitch content. In addition, this new feature further enhances Aureon’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) offering by adding to the list of DIA benefits which include network reliability, redundancy, and support. The direct connection to the Twitch network joins a growing list of Aureon direct connections, which includes Netflix, Apple, Akamai, Facebook, and others.