Aureon announces new expansion of Digital Entertainment Television (DET) headend service to Nebraska market

Aureon and its partner, Innovative Systems, are dedicated to providing Digital Entertainment Television (DET) headend services to the rural market. This dedication can be seen through the recent service expansion into Nebraska with Three River Communications and ATC Communications, who will be utilizing Aureon's high-quality, reliable video signal with Innovative Systems.

Press Releases published December 15, 2021

DES MOINES, IA (December 15, 2021) – Aureon is pleased to announce its expanded reach to the Nebraska market for Digital Entertainment Television (DET) headend service. Three River Communications and ATC Communications will both be utilizing Aureon’s high-quality, reliable video signal with Innovative Systems’ Multi-Generation TV (MG-TV) Video Solution for on-premises deployments.

Aureon has offered headend services since 2001 and entered into a partnership with Innovative Systems in 2020, enhancing streaming solutions that continue to provide our Clients with services they can bring to their communities. Aureon’s partner, Innovative Systems, is dedicated to the rural market and was a natural selection as several Aureon Clients already deployed InnoStream hardware.

“We have been excited to enhance our Clients’ video streaming experience through our partnership with Innovative Systems,” said Scott Behn, Chief Executive Officer at Aureon. “Maintaining our long-standing commitment to our Clients by helping video providers deliver exceptional solutions to their subscribers is a leading priority for our organization.”

Aureon and Innovative Systems provide subscription TV providers with the option to deploy the MG-TV Video Solution for their on-premises or hosted deployments. This option allows organizations to determine which deployment model works best for them and their subscribers. Providers can also use set-top boxes, consumer streaming devices like Fire TV and others, or a combination of both.

“Three River Communications has begun converting our entire CLEC service area to a state-of-the-art fiber network, providing our communities with the fastest and most reliable connections available for internet, cable TV, and telephone,” said Steven Dorf, Chief Executive Officer at Three River Communications. “For our cable TV vendors, we went with Aureon and Innovative Systems. We’ve known Aureon through the years and are confident in their ability to provide us a reliable signal while leveraging their strong relationships with our other mutual vendors in the region to focus on uptime. Innovative Systems will allow us to offer Three River’s subscribers the advanced features they’ve come to expect for television services from a local company they trust.”

“ATC Communications is a family-owned company. We’re focused on reliability and excellent Customer service,” said Corey Groves, IS Manager at ATC Communications. “These are the same things we look for in our vendors. We selected Aureon and Innovative Systems based on their reputation, responsiveness, and ability to deliver. For our company, it is important to provide a reliable TV service for our subscribers. We know we can also grow that service with additional features with Aureon and Innovative Systems in the future.”

Aureon is committed to delivering exceptional product experiences to valued Clients and Partners. This commitment is exemplified in this partnership with Innovative Systems as it complements Aureon’s mission of providing reliable connectivity to those we serve.

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