Aureon Acquires Cloud and Managed IT Clients from Northwest Communications

Aureon has acquired cloud and managed IT clients from Northwest Communications, bolstering Aureon's market position and expanding its IT service offerings. This strategic move aligns with Aureon's growth objectives and enhances services for clients of both companies.

Press Releases published February 6, 2024

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aureon, a regional leader in business connectivity, managed IT, consulting services, and contact center solutions, announces the acquisition of Cloud and Managed IT Clients from Northwest Communications Inc., a subsidiary of Northwest Communications Cooperative Association effective January 31, 2024. This acquisition includes the transfer of commercial Clients in northwest Iowa to Aureon.

Clients acquired from Northwest Communications will have access to Aureon's expanded range of managed enterprise IT capabilities, including firewall, security, data backup, and server/workstation management.

“Expanding our Cloud and Managed IT Client base through acquisitions is a key aspect of our growth strategy,” says Scott Behn, CEO of Aureon. “Incorporating Northwest Communications’ Client base broadens our footprint of valuable enterprise Clients and aligns with our commitment to offering comprehensive IT solutions throughout the Midwest in key markets like Des Moines, Kansas City and Omaha, serving Clients from coast to coast. The longstanding relationship with Northwest Communications and their commitment to their Clients made this a win-win.”

The Clients acquired by Aureon will have access to its expanded range of managed enterprise IT capabilities, including firewall, security, data backup, and server/workstation management. Northwest Communications Cooperative Association is a shareholder and a longstanding partner of Aureon for more than 35 years, expressing confidence in Aureon’s capabilities.

“In selecting Aureon, we prioritized a partner that shares our dedication to serving customers and maintaining a strong, local presence,” comments Gary Petersen, CEO of Northwest Communications. “This allows us to concentrate on our strengths in telecommunications while ensuring a seamless transition for our customers.”

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About Aureon:

Aureon provides business enhancing solutions through connectivity, managed IT, consulting, and contact center services, improving productivity and efficiency, backed by robust, scalable offerings to meet diverse business needs. A suite of services including unified communications, internet, data center, cloud, business continuity and security, are supported by strong customer focus and dependable network infrastructure. Over three decades of expertise, and a dedicated Iowa-based customer support team, enables Aureon to closely align with client goals, fostering efficient and advanced technological environments. Our exceptional service, combined with a commitment to community and client success, solidifies Aureon's position as a premier technology solutions provider in the Midwest. Recognized with accolades like the 2023 Best of the West awards, Aureon's influence spans from its West Des Moines headquarters nationwide, exemplifying a legacy of excellence in technology and community development.

About Northwest Communication:

Established in 1963, Northwest Communications stands at the forefront of technological innovation, dedicated to bridging the future for our customers with cutting-edge solutions. Our mission is to be leaders in technology, offering superior services and the best technical support and customer service in Iowa. As a committed local provider, we leverage the alliance we have with other providers to enhance our offerings, ensuring competitive advantage through continuous access to training and support. Our vision embodies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and competitive services, making a positive difference in the communities we serve with our skills, dedication, and passion for technology.


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