Aureon Partners with Innovative Systems to Offer a Centralized Middleware ABR-HLS Solution

Aureon Partners with Innovative Systems to leverage reliable connectivity and a centralized middleware streaming service.

Press Releases published May 25, 2021

DES MOINES, IOWA – Aureon is excited to announce it is partnering with Innovative Systems to deliver a Centralized Middleware Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) – HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) solution. This solution enables video providers to leverage a competitive streaming television service in their service areas to complement their traditional IPTV offering or be positioned as a standalone branded streaming solution.

This new partnership between Aureon and Innovative Systems deepens the existing relationship between the two companies. In 2020 Aureon worked closely with Innovative Systems to deploy a locally hosted ABR-HLS solution for video providers receiving Aureon’s ABR signal transport. While many video providers still offer traditional IPTV services, consumers are trending toward viewing content from streaming devices, which illustrates the significance of this new partnership between the two organizations.

“Aureon is pleased to partner with Innovative Systems to leverage a Centralized Middleware ABR-HLS solution,” said Scott Behn, Chief Executive Officer at Aureon. “Since 2001, Aureon has been committed to supporting our video providers by offering technology advancements, reliability, and high-quality video solutions. This new partnership helps Aureon maintain that commitment and helps our video providers deliver exceptional solutions to their subscribers.”

The new partnership and Centralized Middleware service also allows service providers a viable replacement for their existing live streaming services. Additionally, it delivers a stable partnership for companies wanting to add or migrate to streaming video.

“What differentiates this [service] from other national streaming service offerings is a business model that does not require a large number of subscriptions,” said Jerry Weber, Vice President of Video Engineering at Innovative Systems. “Another advantage of [this partnership] is a regionalized approach which can reduce transport costs and provide for more stable network delivery.”

Aureon is committed to delivering exceptional product experiences to valued Clients and Partners. This commitment is exemplified in this partnership with Innovative Systems as it complements Aureon’s mission of providing reliable connectivity to those we serve.

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Innovative Systems is a mission-critical enterprise software solution that enables independent service providers to seamlessly manage their business, deliver modern network services, and reduce operating costs. Innovative Systems core products include eLation™, a market-leading Billing & Operations Support System (BSS/OSS), InnoStream™ Multi-Generation TV (MG-TV), a streaming video solution suite, and APMax™, a hardware and software Voice over IP (VoIP) platform. Based in Mitchell, South Dakota, Innovative Systems is proud to support connectivity across the country, including delivering outstanding service to its Telecom, Cable, Municipality, Power, and Utility customers and their constituents. For more information, please visit


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