Midwest Project Partners Announces Name Change to Aureon Consulting

Midwest Project Partners (MPP) has announced they are now Aureon Consulting.

Press Releases published October 11, 2017

Founded in 2000 as a consulting company providing project and business management solutions, MPP has grown into a multi-faceted company. In 2008, MPP created Midwest Procurement Partners to combine the skills, tools, creativity and discipline of veteran consultants for the procurement efforts of their client’s organizations. Midwest Technical Partners followed in 2012, and was started to bring their client’s organizations top-level technical talent. In 2016, MPP was acquired by Aureon, a business solutions provider.

The initial change to Aureon transitioned Midwest Project Partners to “Midwest Project Partners, an Aureon Company” to increase awareness of the Aureon brand and educate their clients. Over the past 16 months, MPP and Aureon have been working through the rest of the transition plan, and are happy to announce the last phase and result of this plan is the introduction of the Aureon Consulting business unit.

“As Aureon Consulting, we look forward to contributing to the success of Aureon by providing project management services. Plus, we’ll be able to offer our clients a full spectrum of business support solutions to meet their growing needs and demands,” said Jane Whalen, President of Aureon Consulting.

“We are excited to complete the of transition of Midwest Project Partners and their other entities to Aureon Consulting. This change will further strengthen our organization and provide our loyal clients access to an expanded variety of business solution offerings, plus the unparalleled expertise and resources that Aureon offers,” said Ron Keller. CEO, Aureon. 

About Aureon 

At Aureon, we offer reliable business solutions so our clients can focus on their day-to-day operations. For more than 30 years, connectivity has driven our business and has been woven into the network of solutions we offer customers. From technology to consulting to contact center operations, we develop creative and customized solutions based on our knowledge and understanding of our clients. When you connect with Aureon, you connect with solutions. For more information, visit Aureon.com.

Media Contact:

Kelsey Ritchey
Corporate Communications Business Partner